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Sow, Sow, Sow Your Boat

By Brock Siems (9/6/2015)

Building around the card Oblivion Sower in the post-Battle for Zendikar Standard

Times read/rated: 6555/9
Rating: 4.33

A Fistful of Jank - Aikido

By Evan Pringle (2/19/2015)

Attempting to deflect both damage and blame

Times read/rated: 7304/6
Rating: 4.17

A Fistful of Jank - alt.win.con

By Evan Pringle (9/26/2014)

Attempting to win through alternate means

Times read/rated: 7719/6
Rating: 3.50

Advent of An Aristocrat: “Official” Rules for a New Magic Format

By Brock Siems (9/19/2014)

Creating a casual Magic format based around the rarity distribution in a typical Intro Pack/Pre-con Deck

Times read/rated: 9928/18
Rating: 4.78

Modern Warfare: Mission #001 Combo Twin

By Patrick Boyle (9/14/2014)

A detailed overview of the basic Twin deck in Modern

Times read/rated: 3162/1
Rating: 5.00

Oh My Gods! pt 3

By Florentine Gruhn (8/27/2014)

Mono-Green Stompy with Nylea

Times read/rated: 3781/3
Rating: 5.00

Threat Assessment...Or How I Painted a Target on My Face

By Evan Pringle (6/26/2014)

One man's Conspiracy exploits and what you can learn from them

Times read/rated: 3177/4
Rating: 4.75

Oh My Gods! pt 2

By Florentine Gruhn (5/31/2014)

Bringing back white weenie with the help of a new God

Times read/rated: 4567/2
Rating: 4.50

A Fistful of Jank - Tactically Elite Druids

By Evan Pringle (5/29/2014)

An infinite combo hits FNM to end the fun.

Times read/rated: 4353/4
Rating: 4.50

A Fistful of Jank - Mono White Tap Dance

By Evan Pringle (3/30/2014)

Super-casual deck infiltrates FNM; top 8 completely safe

Times read/rated: 4499/3
Rating: 4.33

Re-Skin for the Win: Commander Edition

By Ben Counter (3/30/2014)

Tweaking some Commander 2013 cards for more flavour

Times read/rated: 2760/3
Rating: 4.33

A League of My Own

By Nathan Olund (2/28/2014)

An initial summary of an alternative to Magic: The Gathering League Play.

Times read/rated: 4799/4
Rating: 4.75

Elf Apocalypse

By Patrick Martinez (2/13/2014)

The best Modern Elf deck since Glimpse of Nature

Times read/rated: 4475/14
Rating: 4.93

Born of the Gods Set Review: Part 1

By Florentine Gruhn (1/31/2014)

Rating the cards in White, Red, and Green

Times read/rated: 4989/5
Rating: 3.60

Re-Skin for the Win 3

By Ben Counter (1/30/2014)

Giving some Modern cards a flavor makeover!

Times read/rated: 2993/4
Rating: 4.25

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Casual Corner

A Fistful of Jank - Slippery Slivers

By Evan Pringle (2/28/2014)

Another installment of casual-minded decks at FNM

Times read/rated: 3218/3
Rating: 4.33

A Fistful of Jank - Simic Science Lab

By Evan Pringle (1/30/2014)

The first in a series of my fun decks that ignore the meta and how well they do at FNM

Times read/rated: 3586/3
Rating: 4.67

Casual Five Dollar Theros Decks

By Colby Tallafuss (12/8/2013)

Three Theros block decks that you can build on the extreme cheap

Times read/rated: 5708/5
Rating: 4.80

Mono-White Enchantment Aggro Pump

By John Stanley (12/8/2013)

A player new to the tournament tells us about his first FNM deck

Times read/rated: 5653/2
Rating: 4.50

Crack Magic

By David Hunsaker (1/31/2013)

A psychological perspective on cracking packs, and my excitement for my return to MTG.

Times read/rated: 3334/9
Rating: 4.00

What I've Learned in My Short Time as a Magic Player

By Josef D. Pedretti (10/28/2012)

How I got into Magic, what I've learned, and friends

Times read/rated: 3570/12
Rating: 4.42

What Wizards Did Right with AVR (and What They Did Wrong)

By John Mourino (5/31/2012)

Wizards tried so hard to print a set with a lot of chase rares that they forgot to print one with synergy that is fun to draft

Times read/rated: 3701/55
Rating: 4.60

A Look Forward to Avacyn Restored

By Billy Moreau (4/22/2012)

A brief explanation of the upcoming set and its mechanics

Times read/rated: 3600/10
Rating: 3.70

How to Turn 16 MTGO Tickets into 13 Booster Packs

By Billy Moreau (4/14/2012)

What's more financially viable than drafting on MTGO?

Times read/rated: 8667/8
Rating: 3.75

FYI: Dark Ascension White

By Harrison Hale (3/31/2012)

In-depth ratings of all the white DKA cards

Times read/rated: 4560/6
Rating: 3.83

Budget MODO

By Kendall Halman (3/29/2012)

Some thoughts about how to get the most out of Magic Online without spending more than you can afford

Times read/rated: 4070/8
Rating: 3.75

Playing Through the Fog

By Billy Moreau (3/22/2012)

A quick look at a new style Turbo-Fog deck for Standard

Times read/rated: 4083/13
Rating: 4.08

Manners Among Planeswalkers

By Rich McCann (2/29/2012)

Things you may regret later, and how to avoid them

Times read/rated: 3665/9
Rating: 4.33

Brains Sure Are Delicious!

By Stephen Rogers (2/29/2012)

A Vorthosian look at an Innistrad zombie deck

Times read/rated: 5165/7
Rating: 4.29

Macro-Malefic Monarchs Exposed!

By Joshua Northcutt (1/15/2012)

How to exploit removal strategies and the Malefic cards to support a Monarch Control deck

Times read/rated: 4036/1
Rating: 5.00
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