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CardShark Content - Alex Lee (8/11/2005)

Hey, other Duel Masters fans. I’m usually writing Magic articles, but I’ve recently started playing Duel Masters and liked it. Not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it, so you could say I’m a budget player. Anyway, it seems to me that the key factor in Duel Masters is card advantage. Any card can be used for mana (or whatever Duel Masters fans call mana), and cards like evolution creatures require you to lose card advantage, meaning that a large hand size is crucial. So with that in mind, I have a Water/Darkness deck that focuses on pure card and board advantage to overwhelm the opponent.

The deck uses a different approach than you gaining cards. It makes the opponent lose cards, rendering them helpless against your onslaught of creatures. Here it is:

Creatures: 20
4 Corile
4 Horrid Worm
4 Propeller Mutant
4 Aqua Hulcus
4 Locomotiver

Spells: 20
4 Critical Blade
4 Death Smoke
4 Proclamation of Death
3 Teleportation
3 Spiral Gate
2 Dark Reversal

An explanation of the cards:

Corile: This card has been called one of the best cards in the game by many people, and for good reason. Corile bounces a creature, gaining tempo, and puts it on the deck, gaining card advantage, and is a creature. That’s a pretty good deal for five mana.

Horrid Worm: A great early attacker that will be useful in quickly destroying an opponent’s hand. Horrid Worm reminds me of Hypnotic Specter from Magic; they both cost 3 mana and force the opponent to discard a card when it attacks. And last time I checked, Hypnotic Specter was great.

Propeller Mutant: This is similar to Ghost Touch, except that you get a creature as well. You can send this an as unblockable attacker sometimes, if your opponent has a card that they cannot afford to lose.

Aqua Hulcus: Early card drawing that provides a creature as well. This is amazing card advantage, providing a 2 for 1 deal at the least. Similar to Wall of Blossoms, except that this one can go offensive.

Locomotiver: Although less efficient than Propeller Mutant, Locomotiver does not require dying for its effect. And it’s a shield trigger, so it might end up costing less.

Critical Blade: All the creatures in this deck are tiny, so even early blockers like Bloody Squito will defeat them. Critical Blade will remove any blockers and let your men through.

Death Smoke: While Critical Blade takes care of blockers, you need a way to stop the counterattack. Death Smoke will remove stronger evolution cards with ease, netting you a 2-1.

Proclamation of Death: Similar to Death Smoke, but your opponent gets to choose. Hopefully this won’t matter because they’ll only have out one or two creatures due to your disruption.

Teleportation: The bounce spells won’t really net you card advantage, but they will provide tempo and a chance to break through with your creatures. A good trick is to use Teleportation, then Proclamation of Death on the lone creature your opponent played on his turn.

Spiral Gate: Cheap enough to provide a mana advantage, and still has the benefits of Teleportation.

Dark Reversal: All the creatures have some effect when entering or leaving play and Dark Reversal gets them back to use their ability again. And it’s a Shield Trigger.

Alright, there’s the deck. Some of you are probably wondering why I don’t have Terror Pit. Or maybe you’re screaming at me, saying “Terror Pit is the best card in the game! What’s wrong with you?” This is because Terror Pit prices are unusually high for a rare, and I’m not sure I want to invest in a full set. Remember I’m a budget player, and not one to spend over two dollars a card, even in Magic.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Duel Masters. I might write another article about Duel Masters if this is well received.

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