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CardShark Content - Alex Lee (10/17/2005)

Hi, this is my second article regarding Duel Masters, and if you read my first article you’ll find out a little bit about me and how I thought that card advantage was key in Duel Masters. Well, I’m going to continue that trend by showing you a new deck today that uses a card from Thundercharge of Ultra-Destruction, Cosmic Nebula. The Nebula has a very unique ability that will draw you an extra card per turn. If you combine that with some other cards (that will be shown in the deck), you will be able to gain a huge advantage over your opponent. Here’s the deck:

3 Stained Glass
4 Candy Drop
4 Faerie Child
4 Marine Flower
4 Cosmic Nebula
3 Astral Warper
4 Bronze-Arm Tribe
3 Tangle-Fist, the Weaver
3 Poisonous Mushroom

3 Natural Snare
3 Demension Gate
2 Invincible Unity

The goal of the deck is to play Cosmic Nebulas and Astral Warpers to gain card advantage, then use it to constantly play mana and use cards like Tangle-Fist, the Weaver and Poisonous Mushroom to the fullest. After you have achieved putting tons of creatures into play with your mana, use Invincible Unity to end the game. It usually only takes a Candy Drop or a Faerie Child along with another creature to win.

An explanation of the cards:

Stained Glass-
The civilizations that can kill your early drops the easiest are Fire and Nature, perfect for Stained Glass! Against early decks Stained Glass can gain you a major tempo advantage while setting up. If you aren’t playing Fire or Nature opponents, at least it can evolve into Cosmic Nebula.

Candy Drop/Faerie Child-
These both achieve the same purposes: 1. Be an early attacker that gets through blockers, 2. Evolve into Cosmic Nebula or Astral Warper, and 3. End the game with Invincible Unity.

Marine Flower-
The only blocker in the deck, and achieves many conditions sufficiently. It can help against early Fire beatdown, is a Cyber Virus, and can stall for a turn against game-winners like Ladia Bale, the Inspirational.

Cosmic Nebula-
The center of the deck, and provides massive card advantage over your opponent. Quantity is incredibly important in Duel Masters, and the Nebula provides it for sure, especially if you have multiple copies out.

Astral Warper-
A good complement to Cosmic Nebula, and upgrades one of your Cyber Viruses to a 5000-power creature. One of the disadvantages of Evolutions is that they make you lose card advantage, but Astral Warper deals with it admirably.

Bronze-Arm Tribe-
A key component in almost every Nature deck, and it’s not hard to see why. Bronze-Arm Tribe is the equivalent to Birds of Paradise in Magic, and Birds is an incredibly good card. Speeds up your mana, provides an attacker, all for 3 mana.

Tangle-Fist, the Weaver-
There aren't many combos in Duel Masters, but Tangle-Fist and Cosmic Nebula is sure one of them. Draw 2 cards and be able to send them both to the mana-zone where they will be able to fuel a lethal Invincible Unity.

Poisonous Mushroom-
Similar to Bronze-Arm Tribe, but with the drawback of losing a card in hand. Normally I wouldn’t play the Mushroom, but since we are drawing so many cards anyway, it does not matter too much.

Natural Snare-
This card is underrated by many players. It is pretty much a Nature Terror Pit, because although your opponent gets a mana, they won’t benefit from it too much in the late game.

Dimension Gate-
I’ve been praising Cosmic Nebula for the whole article, and if you want to get it out you’ll have to actually find it. Dimension Gate achieves that perfectly, and for only three mana.

Invincible Unity-
Right now, most people are going to think I’m crazy for putting one of those Invincible cards in. I know most people consider Invincible Unity a strictly casual card, but when in combination with Tangle-Fist, it can be played quite quickly. And as everyone knows, it almost automatically wins you the game.

So, there’s a deck that utilizes card advantage and turns it into massive acceleration. It seems that popularity of Duel Masters articles are waning, so I’ll write some more later.

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