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CardShark Content - Andrew Kocsis (3/23/2002)

Hello there, I hope you have enjoyed the previous Underdogs articles. I’d like to welcome you to the seveth installment of the most in-depth overview of mage knight figures anywhere. This issues article was requested from a reader. This time the spotlight focuses on a figure that isn’t really considered a piece of shit, just neglected and left out. A lot like Yellow Imp. This issue’s figure is the Seething Knight. Here excellent heavy hand-to-hand fighter that has everything going for it except playtime.

Unlike many other underdogs, the Seething Knight is not a hidden ability figure. What I am talking about here is that most of his abilities are visible right off the bat. The first of which is this guy’s excellent attack value. The weak and standard versions have a 10 attack while strong has an attack of 11. Even big uniques will have to worry about taking a hit from these guys. This is a major benefit since his natural enemies will be other heavy fighters and uniques.

His defense value isn’t the best, but it becomes respectable when combined with his battle armor against ranged attacks. An 18 defense will make him immune to most light and medium fire. Combine an a decent defense value with his 8 inch move and the Seething Knight is a safe bet to get into combat before being gunned down. The only real worry is fire for heavy guns like Troll Artillerists and Uniques. However no other heavy hand-to-hand fighter has high enough defense to ignore that sort of firepower, so the lesson here is to not bum rush him up the middle. Use his speed to flank them or pick fights with their advancing hand-to-hand units.

Once he is in combat, he will really begin to shine, especially the strong version. 4 clicks of damage for 31 points? Holy Shit! Only the Blade Golem and the Tribal Brute can compete with that value. The weak and medium versions do only 3 clicks, but the point cost is a good trade off when it comes to saving points for other things.

Battle fury is an excellent addition for this guy. With his high damage values and high attack, capturing prisoners is not a good use for him. This is where he really shines because of his factional alliance. Since he is in Necropolis Sect, field the Seething Knight as the leader of a pack of Zombies. Let zombies take the hits as you close, engage and use zombies to bolster your already high attack, smack them once or twice, then use a zombie to take them prisoner. Chose your next bitch and repeat. If they try to do the same to you, battle fury will keep them off of your ass until help can arrive.

While all this is well and good, nothing here really sets the Seething Knight apart from other heavy fighters. The key to his benefit is his late slot of Vampirism. This is one of my favorite abilities and any figure with it automatically gets heavy consideration in my army. No other special ability lets you do two things in a turn. Other abilities may let you do one thing well, but I have found that versatility is just as good, if not better then specialization. Vampirism fits this to a key by both damaging your opponent and healing yourself. With the release of Whirlwind, this becomes even better. Magic Retaliation is worthless against someone with Vampirism. Hit them, take a click, and then heal a click. The benefit of a late vampirism slot is that near the end game when everyone is damaged and has low defense, the Seething Knight can push himself to attack and rely on Vampirism to negate to push. Meanwhile other figures have to slow down and conserve their last clicks; hence the Seething Knight will receive more actions and will be a good piece in the late stages.

When it comes to the color of this brawler, I defiantly prefer the tough version. 4 clicks and an 11 attack for the extra 3 points. The weak is also a good buy as it is a bargain for only 25 points. All this adds up to make one of the best heavy fighters in the game. Give the poor guy a shot; he won’t let you down.

If you liked this article, check out www.yellowimp.com, containing off the wall humor, in-depth discussion, an online campaign, and a disgruntled mascot. Seriously check it out. We guarantee you’ll love it or we will beat yellow imp to a bloody pulp.

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