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CardShark Content - Andrew Kocsis (4/3/2002)

Ha-ha! Despite the many attempts by all my stalkers out there to get rid of me, I am still standing. I knew danger would come from writing online, but I never figured I would get so many crazy fans so quickly. Anyway, the attempts on my life now stand at several, and by several, I mean one. I was leaving the gas station and some guy came running after me. I saw him and turned around. Then he tries to give me some bullshit line about me forgetting my change! I saw right through that lie, punched him in the face and ran! That will teach him! So all you crazy fans out there now know that I am not messing around! Anyway, let’s move on to the article.

With the release of Unlimited we now have been given what could arguable be the best set of uniques yet. Among them lays one of the greatest things to happen to a faction since the Storm Golem. If you can’t see it, then you’re a not looking hard enough. A figure that could lift the faction from obscurity and into stardom. Of course I am talking about the Summoner. A while ago I got really drunk and wrote an article on the Chaos Mage. I used to think the Chaos Mage had it all, but I have been proven wrong. Let me tell you that when WizKids decides to prove me wrong, they pull out all the stops. So therefore I have gotten drunker then I have ever been before to bring you this article. I hope you fans appreciate what I do for you. Anyway the Summoner wins my award for best-redone figure of Unlimited. WizKids has taken the Chaos Mage and done with it exactly what I would have done if I had the chance. The Chaos Mage has been dethroned as the best-broken figure in the game.

The Summoner has one advantage right off the bat from the Chaos Mage; his starting stats make him one a great fighter and a great commander. The drawback of the Chaos Mage has been eliminated in the Summoner in this regard. Instead of having to choose between a command figure and a ranged supporter, you get both rolled into one. Even better, he gets 2 slots of magic blast and all without dropping down from his 10-attack value. To help ensure that he has an escort to keep swarmers away, he has a 10-inch forced march. This will let you get a good-sized escort up to the action quickly. Once the escort has engaged the main enemy force, hang back with the Summoner. His battle armor should keep him safe from other snipers and he is now in the perfect position to wreck havoc.

Now while your main force is fighting, use the confusion to magic blast choice targets. If someone is foolish enough to try to rush the Summoner smack him or her down for an impressive 4 damage. The command slots will also come in handy at this point since actions will probably be running thin. Although it may seem foolish, don’t hesitate to push the Summoner out of his two magic blast/command slots during the fighting. Although you lose the three abilities talked about so far, you gain a combination that is just as good; the astounding combo of magic healing and necromancy.

Take a moment to think about what that combo can do. Bring figures back and heal them to full health in the middle of a swirling melee. These are the two slots that I try to keep my Summoner on for as long as possible. He has a very fast speed of 9, a decent attack of 9 with magic healing, a 15 defense with battle armor, and three clicks of damage with necromancy. I would be hard pressed to think up a better combination of stats and abilities for a support figure. Bringing warriors back, doing long ranged support, healing wounded orcs, this guy is doing it all.

Once he loses the necromancy he picks up magic enhancement for two clicks. Buried this deep in his dial these slots seem wasted unless you plan for them. By taking a Launcher along with your guard you will be in a prime position to abuse these two slots of magic enhancement. Don’t forget however that the Summoner is still a potent piece at this point. Doing either 2 or 3 clicks with an average attack value of 7 or 8 may not sound like much, but it is better then letting your opponent kick you in the groin.

On the Summoner’s next click he becomes berserk and has the appropriate stat increases in attack and damage. Remember that at this point he is no longer able to take advantage of his 12-inch range. So since the battle should be winding down by this point I like to rush him at a mounted figure that has an action token on it. This way you either get to attack without fear of getting hit back or you get shaken off and get to your last click.

This click is my favorite click on this model and a big thanks goes out to WizKids for coming up with an idea like this. An 8-attack shockwave with a 6-inch radius? Holy shit! For icing on the cake they threw in magic retaliation to make finishing him off even more painful. Get this guy without range and blow your wad to crack any formation. His one click of damage won’t matter since shockwave reduces the damage to one anyway. A great way to seal up the main combat, or to lock it down in your favor if things get to this point.

Whether or not you worship me, hate me, or just think I am some crazy guy who got lucky when he landed this job listen to me now. I normally end with a joke so the fact that I am serious right now should be setting off the warning lights in your head. This figure is going to make the Orc Raiders a faction of extreme power. They are going to win tournaments because of this figure. If you have one, great. Learn to use it. If you don’t have one, get one. The Orc Raiders will never be same again; from here on out they are going be just as tough to beat as anybody. Good luck everyone.

If you liked this article, check out www.yellowimp.com, containing off the wall humor, in-depth discussion, an online campaign, and a disgruntled mascot. Seriously check it out. We guarantee you’ll love it or we will beat yellow imp to a bloody pulp.

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