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CardShark Content - Andrew Kocsis (8/17/2002)

Good lord it has been awhile! No, I am not dead. Despite the best efforts of WizKid’s black helicopters and MKrealms.com’s ninja assassins I have persevered and stand before you all to bring you the greatest, most electrifying column in Mage Knight Entertainment. For those of you who don’t know about it, the Mage Knight US Nationals is coming up at Origins. Everyone here at YellowImp has been drinking around the clock…I’m sorry, I mean we have been play testing armies around the clock to get ready. With Nationals only a stone’s throw away, I was advised by the other staffers not to let the cat out of the bag on their sleeper figures for Nationals (actually they beat with bags full of doorknobs until I signed a restraining order). However they didn’t say anything about designs that came up and where dismissed for one reason or another. So not only has this figure been play tested for Nationals, it is also from the only set I haven’t written about yet; double score!

The figure that came up during our testing was the Solonavi Tormentor. Expensive? Yes. No ranged attack? Yes. Glass Jaw on the defense? Yes. So why did we stick with him for so long? Because he is one of the most insane close combat figures to ever rear his head. Although he does not keep his defense up for long, his other stats stay rock solid for a good long time.

His first insane stat is his incredible movement. A starting move of 14 with Flight (which happens to be a trait of all the Solonavi so far) adds to a figure that can engage any model with a range of less then 14 before they can get off a shot. His Flight also means that unless he wants to get tied into combat, he can almost break away at will. This becomes especially deadly to anyone without toughness as will be shown later. The fun doesn’t last too long and after two clicks the Tormentor loses his flight, but it is the start of the real fun, for he then gains a 6 Charge for four clicks! Go nuts and take the fight to your opponent. See how they deal with a charging 4 clicks of damage and Venom on a 180 degree arc.

Complementing all of this is both the Tormentor’s high attack value and high damage value. Starting off doing 5 clicks of damage, the Tormentor can kill minor figures in a single hit and pose even a deadly threat to figures with special abilities like toughness and invulnerability (be careful though, his damage drops to 3 after only 5 clicks). The attack value of 12 is enough to be hit any nonmulti-dial figure in the game on a 7 or better. That means that statistically you can always bet on the Tormentor hitting its intended target. All this is well and good but the figure is about to get so good, it is disgusting. The Tormentor gets 8 clicks of Venom on top of his great stats. Combined with his 180 degree arc, the Tormentor may as well be called “Swarm ass beater”. Anyone without toughness or Invulnerability is in for a world of hurt if they get into base contact with the Tormentor. Remember the move values from before? Well now they combine to be deadly. Anyone that engages the Tormentor without a first strike ability, like Charge, will take a click of Venom at the start of the Tormentor’s turn. Then the Tormentor can break from combat and move away 14” to set up another attack run. If you feel like you want to fight, go ahead and sit there and smack your opponent for a whopping five clicks of damage. See how many swarmers can sit through that for long.

Up to now we have ignored the Tormentor’s defense. Why is that? It is not because it is bad. 18 defense is in fact rather high. Most figures will need at least a 6 to hit it, and most non-uniques will be looking at an 8 or worse. But the Tormentor is 121 points. For that many points, it is more then likely that sooner or later he will have to fight someone who can bust up his pretty face. Most other uniques turn to their defensive special abilities to ensure they avoid those hits (Stealth, Battle Armor, Invulnerability), but the Tormentor only has his defensive special ability for a single click. His ability is Dodge, both the most powerful and the worst of the special abilities for defense at the same time. Powerful because it can nullify any big attack, crappy because it cannot be counted on to save any given hit. This makes it very hard to plan anything around the ability and as such was the reason the Tormentor was finally let go as a possibility for the YellowImp Nationals army. The tactic we have come up with in the meantime to make use of this is to use the Tormentor’s superior movement to base a ranged figure without Toughness or Invulnerability and let them swing at you. The Tormentor keeps venom for so long a single hit will likely not matter. Also after 4 clicks of damage (the damage value most fighting uniques sport), the Tormentor is still doing 4 clicks of damage with a 10 attack value. This means that after the Venom hits, you will probably have at worst a 7 or better to hit, which isn’t bad. However if the Dodge works, then the Tormentor has an excellent chance of killing the figure without taking a hit through a combination of
Venom and attacks since the opposing figure will have its stats effected by the hits.

Be careful of figures with Ram. Most often Ram will be combined with Magic Levitation which can result is a Ram attack from normally 20 inches away. Since the first click on the Tormentor is by far his best, try to keep away from them. Even if you then kill the rammer, your opponent will probably exploit the loss of the Dodge and 5 clicks of damage to try to shoot down the Tormentor. Also try to avoid taking ranged fire. If the choice must be made, take a hand to hand hit since you’ll at least get a chance to hit back. Once the Tormentor takes a couple of clicks, he become very vulnerable to ranged fire as his both his defense and his movement drops.

He is expensive, he is glass jawed, and he can shoot hit someone even a single inch away. But it doesn’t matter. The Tormentor is the fastest, most deadly hand to hand fighter Mage Knight will see for a long time. Go ahead and field one and see how quickly your opponent gets loaded off of the Tormentor’s Venom.

If you liked this article, check out www.yellowimp.com, containing off the wall humor, in-depth discussion, an online campaign, and a disgruntled mascot. Seriously check it out. We guarantee you’ll love it or we will beat yellow imp to a bloody pulp.

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