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CardShark Content - Asa Olson (1/31/2005)

Champions is gone and out comes Betrayers along with some new abilitiesand some sweet new cards. Now there are ninjas and some cool enchantments.

Ninjas and Ninjitsu ---The new ninjitsu ability is pretty cool, but it can work even better. The other day at the pre-release we came across a pretty cool idea with the ninjas we got and one particular moonfolk. Meloku of the clouded mirror is the moonfolk, and I'll tell you, its hard to block all the1/1 illusions with flying, so all you need is one unblocked and switch your1/1 in for a huge ninja with the new ninjitsu ability, witch worked really cool, seeing as ninja's are blue and black and that happened to be our colors.

Land Enchants --- You've seen land enchants before but never like these. One particular one is called Genju of the Cedars
Genju of the Cedars
Genju of the CedarsSet: Betrayers of Kamigawa
Enchant Forest
Arnie Swekel
2: Enchanted Forest becomes a 4/4 green Spirit creature until end of turn. It's still a land. When enchanted Forest is put into a graveyard, you may return Genju of the Cedars from your graveyard to your hand.
, which costs one forest to put out and 1 mana to become a 4/4 blocker or attacker. 2nd turn you could have a 4/4 out and if they kill it with some burn spell, the enchantment goes back to your hand. Remember there is one of each color and they make great blockers.

Patrons --- You may have seen all the patrons, but I will mention their abilities anyway. There is one of each color for each main creature type. All of them have a new ability call ---offering, which basically makes them cheaper and their second abilities are even cooler. My two favorite patrons are either the moonfolk or the orochi because they sure can kick some butt in a draft.

Red Burn --- It seemed to be particularly effective in this pre-release, it came out with some cool cards, one, although sounds sucky, is very cool. It is called Akki Cohort. The cool part is its a 2/2 for one, the red equivalent to Isamaru, but it can only attack if you played a creature spell that turn. Forget
ForgetSet: Fifth Edition
Mike Kimble
Target player chooses and discards two cards, then draws as many cards as he or she discarded in this way.
about the second ability though and think about this, at least 4 damage 2nd turn, which is pretty cool. You can get this by laying an Akki Cohort first turn, and then second turn laying another one and unnatural speed. That’s 4 damage. By using this combo to start out I was able to pull off 5th turn wins every other game in the tourney. Oh and one more thing Akki Cohort is even cooler with Kiki-Jiki, allowing it to attack with out really paying mana for a creature.

Equipment --- There was some interesting equipment in the betrayers set, like Ronin Club that equips to the creature when it comes into play, but an even cooler one is - that may not pump your creature up at first but can sure pump it up a whole bunch later.

Green ---The orochi in this set come with a brand new ability and legend, the ability is that at your upkeep that orochi gives you 1 green mana that if you don't use won't give you mana burn. That's the legendary one's ability too but overall they're just cool. Another important thing happened in green too, monks have wandered into the cards, or just more of them at least, and there are a couple more kodamas too.

Well that's all I have for today, just an update on the new set and the cool cards. I hope you'll be reading my article later.

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