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CardShark Content - By Jacob Tamon (2/25/2003)

The white rider was upon them, and the terror of his coming filled his enemies with madness´´

This is one of my favorite quotes from Tolkien, because of the hopelessness of the charge that Theoden made at what seemed the end of Rohan. He rises in his stirrups and knows that 10,000 Uruk-hai are waiting for him to come out, but he still attacks them with Legolas and Aragorn and a few of his most trusted knights. He seems to be going to a glorious death in battle. But then at the moment the white rider stands upon the top of the gorge and says ´´not alone shall he stand Theoden king… to the king!!!!!!´´

And I think that decipher made a good show of this. But enough with me analyzing Tolkien and on to the strategy!

Today I will be talking and sharing my ideas of the way Rohan should fight. I have seen a lot of fellowships out there that will have Eomer and Eowyn and maybe an elite rider and then have Aragorn and Boromir as the last companions. This really gets annoying considering that Rohan has got four different mounts in this set alone! But they are the horse masters and where would they be without there mounts? And two of their mounts can be carried be elf man or wizard! So not only do you have your 14 STR Aragorn that is Damage +1 but he also deals another damage at the start of the skirmish. So by now your saying… ok Jacob get on with the strategy and shut up with the blabbing! So I will do just that.

A fully mounted fellowship can not be fun when you think that all those elves and archers can be mounted! So we have a couple different ways to fight minions with the horses of Rohan. You mount your elf archer and deal out archery and then have them exert to fight. Then have your lorien swordsman that used to be fighting a 14 STR assault band is now just fight a 10 STR assault band. So you can mount your archers. Another thing you can do is do what I mentioned above, mount your Aragorn and you’re whole fighting fellowship and overpower almost anything! I had a 16 orc trooper out the other day and I thought ´´hey what’s he gonna do.´´ Well, Aragorn was an archer, so he shot him once. And then he was exhausted when he fought Eomer third Marshall. So my 16 STR trooper was down to one health and he was fighting a 13 STR Eomer that was damage +2 and he played a fight for the villagers and my big bad trooper was dead! Just like that.

But there are a few ways to take down these big bad possession freak companions. The answer is-- Dunland! Yes indeed those lovable hairy possession destroyers. Off with the jokes on the strategy. You can take these guys down by playing a Grima wormtounge, and a dunlending pillager. First you take out a few possessions of Aragorn, then you have your death to the straw heads and you defeat Aragorn or whoever and then you get rid of more possessions. ´´Ohhhh but Jacob what about archery! Sure Dunland wont exert because they have 1 hp but what about archery? Well then you have your furry coat that Dunland people were, which if you go to the coat factory there 50% off because there made from cow hide… Just kidding, but hides will always be the answer to the Dunland archery problem.

So hear are a few ideas about Rohan and their enemies. If you use them great, if you lose them well… there’s not much hope. Then just wait for the Battle of Helms Deep! When we get to play with smeagol! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes… sorry.

So tune I next time for: how to get the precious back

If you want to email me your suggestions and your deck designs please do so at knighttoman@yahoo.com

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