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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/13/2003)

I came up with an 18-site version.
So if some of you are interested in testing out different ways of making it work, I have some suggestions.
Note: this is not my ´´home rules´´ version, but merely some suggestions to help you avoid some pitfalls to the game.

General rules for creating an 18+ site version of LOTR TCG:

1. Never over-complicate the game with a lot of specialized rules to make it
work. People should be able to bring their standard deck and make it work,
without a lot of changes. A suggestion from me: have each player reshuffle
their discard pile into their draw deck at the start of their turn on site
9. (A player would have the option to skip this by jumping from 8 to 10 in
a double-move. That is the penalty for not stopping at site nine. Hey,
even the real Fellowship had to stop and rest there, trying to regroup after
the Uruk attack...)

2. One of the easiest ways to win in a drawn-out game is via corruption.
You do not want to ban or severely restrict corruption wins, as that is a
vital component of the basic game. So, your only option is to help the
opponent fight off corruption-based decks. A suggestion from me: Site 9 is
to be treated as a special sanctuary. At the start of their turn at site
nine, each player may remove a total of 5 wounds and/or burdens. Since
sites 10-12 are relatively low in twilight, the challenges faced at those
sites will be smaller than at 7-9. A player can choose to remove burdens to
help extend Frodo's resistance to the ring.

3. The total # of companions in play and/or dead pile maximum of 9 will be a
problem. There needs to be some type of remedy to extend the Fellowship. A
suggestion from me: Follow the storyline and allow one character, presumed
to have died, to make a reappearance. (It does not need to be Gandalf.) I
recommend the following: At the start of your turn while at site 9, before
shuffling the discard pile into the draw deck, each player may place one
character (You can specify companion if you like, or allow for any
character) from the dead pile into their discard pile.

By using these rules, you have everything happen at the same time, so the
game can quickly go back to the regular play, without special rules. It
also allows each deck to play to its own strength. If an Aragorn deck loses
Aragorn, he can come back and get a second chance to work. The only
deck-building rules to play this way is the rule to have an 18-site
adventure path.

I’ve played with this a bit and it seems to run fine – but these are just guidelines, so if you find some pit falls or a different method that you think is better then post it up ;-)

Have fun trying it out with friends.

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