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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/14/2003)

Yes, well I’m one of those guys who kinda lives in Tolkien’s Middle Earth – Not a bad thing really, it’s a great place – but it can leave a dent in your wallet from time to time ;-)

Anyway for those of you who are into Decipher’s LOTR Card Game and Role Playing Game, here are a few cool ideas I’ve used to Cross link the two games.

These idea’s will add a little something to your role playing campaigns whilst your players run amuk in Middle Earth ;-)

This is where you make up a TCG deck solely of minions that the party might encounter, for example – you could have a encounter deck full of moria minions for when the fellowship goes through the mines of moria OR a deck of Dunland Men + Uruk’s when they pass close to Isengard??
Obviously you’d put a heap of basic orcs in there rather than a deck of cave troll’s or Balrog’s, but you could put one of each of these in the encounter deck – who knows they may face the long dark to the other side of moria without even encountering the bigger beasties?

This is the same idea as the above except that you always know what you want the party to encounter thus you simply use the deck and the images on the cards for extra depth to the game, you can also lay the cards out on the table using other counter’s or GW miniatures to represent the battle/skirmish ;-)

Same idea as the above ones, except you’d have swords, bows, mounts, pipes etc…. in this one kinda like a treasure deck whenever they find something interesting – it can be random or fixed however you decide to run it ;-)

You may also decide just to use some of the cards for their images to give the players an idea of what some things look like (for example a player might have trouble picturing what a Warg looks like?). You could also use the cards to depict NPC’s such as Barliman Butterbur when you visit the Prancing Pont etc… It does add a great deal of depth to you role playing adventures ;-)

Give it a try, if you personally only play the RPG and not the TCG – I’m sure you wont have any trouble finding someone at your local gaming store who could give you a pile of commons to use – you never know you may also pick up another RPGer that way ;-)

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