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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/14/2003)

Well I’m always thinking about what might be around the corner.
What cool cards are we going to see in the up and coming expansion??

So I thought I’d make up a list of what I’d like to see and talk about it a little.

*More Fortification’s for the Rohan Culture – It would be cool to expand on that idea, because the only Rohan Forts we’ve seen so far (Armory + Arrow Slits + Parapet) are multi use and aren’t transferred like the Gondor Fort’s

*An extension of the Knights of Gondor and their Fortifications – I made a cool deck based on these guys so I’d like to see more of this sub-culture explored.

*There have been rumours of a new Balrog being released – wouldn’t that be cool? It probably wont have to be played underground either as he was on the outer side of Zirak-Zigil when battling Gandalf.

*Winged Steed – I’m sure we’re going to see this in this expansion as its been told that the Nazgul Culture will be revisited, nice!

*New Witchking, cause it is he that rides the Winged Steed.

*More Burden orientated cards for the Saruon Culture, something we can tie in with Grishnak??

*More Isengard Machines, but ones that benefit Orcs and regular uruk hai – rather than archery and the beserkers.

*Gate/Cavetroll Minion for Sauron? You see them opening the gate to allow the Easterling’s entrance into mordor? It’s a possibility seeing as they’ve used the images of a lot of the orcs ontop of morannon so why not the troll’s??

Free Peoples:
*A new Treebeard, perhaps a companion?? But then they may have to name him Fangorn (his real name) otherwise it may cause an issue with the discard a unique character to heal him (eg: if they made a treebeard companion could you discard a treebeard ally to heal the companion or visaversa??).

*Obviously there will be more ent related cards – I’d love to play a workable total Ent companion FP side.

*Perhaps yet another Elrond and Galadriel seeing as we did see them in The Two Towers

*Another Eowyn and Eomer?? I know we already have 2 of each, but there’s been a pattern of doing at least 3 versions of signet companions within a block (eg: 3 arwen’s in the Fellowship block of sets)

*Another Gamling what about Huma?? The other Rohan Guard who is the first to fall in the Warg Battle? And more Valian related cards to go with them.

*A New Faramir, who perhaps isn’t ring bound cause its after he releases Frodo and Sam??

*One last Haldir – A Nice useable Rare version of him would be cool, perhaps an archer version of him?

*More Gollum/Smeagol Culture explored, lets get the burden thing happening

*Sauron and Nazgul specific sites, everyone remember Tol Brandir and Weathertop from the FotR block.

*What about Easterling/Burden related sites? Or looking at the Easterling’s in general – perhaps there aren’t enough images for them yet – unless Decipher got some shots not released??

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