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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/14/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Courteous Halfling
Arwen, Daughter of Elrond
Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden

Site Path:
1. Estermet Plains (Grab Legolas)
2. Uruk Camp (Anti Uruk + it’s a Plains)
3. Golden Hall (I’ll show you a ‘VERY COOL’ trick to using this site below;-)
4. Westemnet Hills (Healing for mounted FP’s + it’s a Plains)
5. Helms Gate (+2 for Weapons)
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a lot of possessions to play – bonus ;-)
7. Kings Room (Extra wounds for those not playing Rohan)
8. Nan Curunir (Prevent’s wounds to mounted minions – nice, + it’s a plains)
9. Fortress of Orthanc

Free Peoples (36):
4x Simbelmyne
1x Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark
1x Eomer’s Spear
1x Firefoot
2x Astfaloth
2x Gwemegil
1x Eowyn’s Sword
1x Eothain
1x Helm Helm!
2x Rider’s Mount
3x Path Finder
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Weapon Store
1x Fortress Never Fallen
1x Sword of Rohan
3x Thundering Host
1x Armor
4x An Honorable Charge
1x Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad
1x Legolas, Greenleaf

Shadow (36):
1x Bent on Discovery
4x Black Steed
1x Helpless
4x Morgul Gates
1x Fear
4x Nazgul Sword
1x Not Easily Destroyed
1x Too Great and Terrible
3x Ulaire Cantea, Lieutenant of Dol-Guldur
2x Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul
4x Ulaire Nelya, Lieutenant of Morgul
2x The Witch-King, Lord of Angmar
1x Ulaire Nertea, Messenger of Dol-Guldur
1x Ulaire Otsea, Lieutenant of Morgul
1x Ulaire Attea, Keeper of Dol-Guldur
1x The Pale Blade
1x Bill Ferny
2x Grima, Chief Counsellor
1x Grima, Worm Tongue

Going first or second doesn’t really phase this deck, although you can gain an awesome early game advantage if you can go first.

I usually only bid 1 or 2, cause like I said it doesn’t really matter – if you go second it just means that you’ll definitely get all of your own sites on the table without having to use Nelya or Pathfinder.

Here’s the cool trick if you do happen to start.
Pull your Legolas GL using Estermnet Gullies – Legolas will be your sponge for the first few sites, it doesn’t matter if you lose him, his direct archery is bound to help you run to site 3.
If you start with a Pathfinder in your hand, use it for your own site 2, as it’s a plains, good for your Arwen w/ Astfaloth, Eothain if you pull him + it’ll be there for your shadow phase should you pull any Black Steeds for your Nazgul.

So your sitting at site 3 (their site 3) and its now their FP turn.
Hopefully you’ll pull a Nelya – this will make the game far more interesting than if you had pulled a Pathfinder as above.

They move to site 2, and WHAM!!
You play your Nelya – if your site 2 isnt already out, then exert to play it, cause it’s a plains and you might have pulled a steed too :-) BUT more importantly – now is the time to exert Nelya to play your site 3 which is “Golden Hall” – can you see it now **wink wink** Yes this is the coolest way to use this site, your Fellowship has already moved to site 3 so Golden Hall text is only going to effect the FP player when he moves there (Goodbye oh so sweet FP weapons), It’ll hopefully mean that they’ll lose the +2 strength bonus from site 5 (unless they play a few more OR they use Weapon Store like yourself to get them back?

Anyway the above strategy would either slow them to a stop at site 2 cause you’ve got a few Nazgul out and they know they’ll lose their weapons as soon as they make another move to site 3 OR they’ll still make it but at a slower pace, which is great cause with you already in the lead you wont be caught, plus you can manage the site path with your other Nelya’s and Pathfinders to your advantage.

Oh and if you didn’t start, simply hold onto as many FP weapons as you can (playing mounts and armor early is still find) so that once your at Golden Hall then you can play them – think of the look on your opponents face when you pull out golden hall, especially if he had lost a lot and your not going to lose a thing ;-)

The Shadow side of the deck is nothing more than a big beat down deck – can anyone say a 21 strength Witch-king that’s Fierce – Ouch, with Nelya’s there to look after the site path. Try to save your steeds for Plain’s sites, but get rid of them If they clog your hand.

Other Notes:

I start with Eowyn because she’s Valiant, which means I can use Simblemyne’s to pull other rohan character’s early.
I use 2 of each Gwemegil and Asfaloth because I need an increased chance of getting them out – 1 of each Rohan possession is fine, cause once again Simblemine to the rescue.
Legolas is not designed to last after site 3 UNLESS you go second and happen to pull him late in the game – he’s there to deal his direct archery and then be sacrificed in a skirmish.
Sam is there for burden removal only.
There are only 3 cultures in this deck so Grima CC is useless against you.
Armor’s really for Eomer, to help keep him around longer.

The extra Nazgul cards can look after a lot too…… Bent on Discovery, adds a card per turn, really good if you get it early on – one exertion to a Nazgul isn’t much, just discard it if you come against an all out archery deck. Helpless shuts down Sam – so if their playing a heavy burden FP deck, this will slow it down. Fear is there to get rid of anyone pesky ally, Elrond, Thrarin, Ottar etc… Not Easily Destroyed is great against another Rohan mount deck, cause you can heal after the mounts wound is done. There’s 1 Too Great and Terrible in there too, if their playing Gandalf and you time this right then that could be ‘bye bye Gandalf’.

The Grima CC’s I felt were more anti meta game in my area, obviously you could just play around with the types of Grima you wanted to use dependant on the meta game in your area ;-)

Final Word:
Well I hope I explained that as best as possible and I hope you have as much fun playing this deck as I have – its got a really nice element of surprise if you can pull it off.

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