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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/25/2003)

One of the first thought’s I had after viewing the ‘X’ List was…… I wonder what other cards must have been close to falling into that list….. So here is an article about which cards I thought must have been close.

Cards With Errata: First of all, all of the cards that have had errata at some stage might have been looked over by Decipher. For instance you have a couple of cards that used to be quite powerful before their errata (eg. Mirror of Galadriel + Thror’s Map). Now after their errata these cards became almost useless (except to place under your coffee cup perhaps?), so to give them back their playability, they could have their errata removed and simply add them to the ‘X’ List so that they can only be used in open format (which apparently was already ‘Stagnant’ anyway – so 2 more cards wont effect that).

Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul: This would have to be the initial card that I was surprised not to see on the ‘X’ List. He’s big and fierce but its his Maneuver ability combined with his ‘4’ Vitality that really hurts. There are a lot of decks that utilise 6+ companions (such as 3 hunter decks or elf archery etc…) so Enquea is killer against those. Not to mention the fact that he fits well into all burden decks (such as easterling, gollum, wraith decks etc…).

We probably wont see him added to the list though, due to it limiting the Nazgul culture too much for it to see play in standard play, but he could be added after we see 1 or 2 different Enquea’s to take his place? Or maybe he’ll receive and errata?

Gondor Bowmen: This card maybe adding just a little too much to the archery total for too little cost. Apart from Legolas Greenleaf, Gondor Bowmen is probably one of the most powerful archery related card in the game. Perhaps something this useful with archery should have been part of the Elf culture? – after all archery is supposed to be the Elves Speciality. At least we wont see it used in ‘Standard Format’ in combination with choke cards such as Aragorn HttWC and No Stranger to the Shadow’s.

Last Alliance of Elves and Men: It would probably be too harsh to put this on the ‘X’ list, perhaps making it unique would work? But all in all this card maybe a little potent when used in multiple. It only costs 1 for a possible +3 Strength and any Gondor Man can Bear it, just throw in the right Elf support cards (eg. Allies etc…) to kick it off and there you go.

Trust Me as You Once Did: Once again adding this to the ‘X’ list might be too much, maybe making it unique might help?? It’ll all depend on if this becomes a ‘NEW’ stagnant card or not (see my other article titled: ‘What Effect the ‘X’ List Will Have’)

Goblin Armory: This card makes swarming very simple for a culture that can already swarm well. Having 4 of them in play gives you a free 4 twilight for every goblin scimitar you play, that’s one extra minion needed to over whelm. I mean look at what they did by adding Forces Of Mordor to the ‘X’ List…… too much extra twilight for too little cost.

Orc Bowmen: Archery isn’t even seen in the Sauron culture outside of this card. Perhaps archery shouldn’t even be present in this culture, especially with all the added direct damage this culture has. The ‘X’ List came about due to a stagnant scene right? Well how many of us are now going to see this card in use. After all there are only really 3 Free People cultures that can deal with conditions easily and that’s Gandalf, Elf and Rohan (only Gandalf in mass removal).

Barrow’s of Edoras: Putting your hand beneath your deck to draw 4 cards….. well who can say swarm? This ability at this site can help you set up an awesome swarm for your next shadow phase, not to mention that if you played a whole hand worth of Free People’s possession’s in your Fellowship phase, then your not losing anything by using the sites ability….. not that you really are anyway I mean its not a discard effect, you simply put your hand on the bottom of your draw deck. If you didn’t like the 4 you drew you can still use the site’s ability to place those 4 cards at the bottom of your deck (but you cant redraw 4 due to the rule of 4), to increase the chance of you getting more desirable cards when you draw during the Regroup phase.

Glamdring: This gets a mention due to the fact that its partner in crime ‘Sting’ made it onto the ‘X’ List, so I only assume that this card would have been looked at also. For only 2 cost it gives +2 Strength, Damage +1 and has the same ability as sting without the ‘4’ limit. The fact that you need Gandalf to use this weapon is probably the only reason this didn’t’ make the ‘X’ List. Remember too that everyone requires Frodo to play, thus Sting could fit in any deck without using up resources in your deck….. Perhaps we’ll see a new type of stagnant scene though with heavy Gandalf usage?

Grima’s (Wormtongue + Chief Councillor): There’s one Grima that is Anti- ‘Bulk Possession’ Fellowship decks with Wormtongue and another that is Anti- ‘Multi Culture Super’ Fellowship decks with Chief Councillor. Because Grima doesn’t have any ‘Pre-Requisites’ to play him (eg: spot x to play Grima) then he can go into any deck with ease. The fact that he’s cheap too means that your likely to see at least 1 of each of him in most shadow decks just like we see Enquea.

Well there’s a few cards to think about. Perhaps one day we’ll see these on the list too, maybe not?

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