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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/26/2003)

Upon looking at the X list for the first time, my first chain of thought concentrated on weather or not I agreed with the choice of cards that made it onto the list….. But as I came to realist that no amount of thinking would change the decision’s made for the X list, I started to think about the impact that the introduction of the X list might have on the world of Lord of the Rings gaming.

Speaking on a grand/global scale ( although some small communities may only ever play Open Format), its common knowledge that Standard Format will become the chosen format to play over Open Format.
So Lets look at how this may effect certain expansion’s currently on the market.
Here’s a break down:
Fellowship of the Ring = 8 cards on the X list
Mines of Moria = 2 cards on the X list
Realms of the Elflords = 3 cards on the X list
Two Towers = 1 card on the X list

So as you can see FotR is majorly effected. If you added the cards from that expansion that have already had errata placed on them, thus making them almost useless (such as Galadriel’s Mirror + Thror’s Map) then the whole of the FotR block is seeing a lot of cards that may see little or no use (except maybe in social/friendly games).

This may also influence the choices players make when purchasing packs of cards. For instance, relatively new players may decide to purchase Two Towers or Helms Deep simply because there’s a far lesser chance of them being stuck with ‘X’ list cards.

Which in turn may also have an impact on the choices players make when building a deck. Obviously if they’ve bought more Two Tower block cards to avoid getting ‘X’ list cards then you’ll possibly see a greater percentage of Two Tower cards in peoples tournament decks?

Obviously the ‘X’ list was created due to what 90% of people were playing with at top events in the USA such as Vegas etc…But what is stopping other cards from taking the place of the current ‘X’ list, thus creating a ‘NEW’ stagnant scene?
Here are a few examples of cards that might do just that:
Gondor Bowmen
Orc Bowmen
Ulaire Enquea
Last Alliance of Elves and Men
Trust Me As You Once Did
Goblin Armory
Barrow’s of Edoras
Grima Wormtongue and Chief Councellor

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