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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/11/2003)

Site Path:
1. The Riddermark (Pull Aragorn)
2. Wold of Rohan (Extra Twilight is Great for my expensive Berserkers)
3. Barrows of Edoras (Very useful when I get a great FP hand to play initially)
4. Ered Nimrais (The chance to get more twilight for my shadow)
5. Deep of Helm (Cheap Uruk’s! What more need I say)
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a lot possessions)
7. Hornburn Causeway (Anti large fellowships)
8. Wizards Vale (Anti Choke)
9. Palantir Chamber (Very handy should your opponent have any burden’s at this site)

Free Peoples (33):
1x Saga of Elendil
1x The Tale of Gil-Galad
3x Aragorn, Heir of Elendil
1x Aragorn’s Bow
2x Faramir Son of Denethor
1x Faramir’s Bow
2x Boromir, Lord of Gondor
3x Sword of Gondor
1x Elrond Herald to Gil-Galad
1x Galadriel Lady of the Golden Wood
3x Last Alliance of Elves and Men
3x Gondor Bowmen
1x Citadel of Minus Tirith
2x Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom
2x Swordarm of the White Tower
1x Gwemegil
1x Asfaloth
1x Sing, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast

Shadow (33):
4x Berserk Rager
3x Berserk Savage
2x Berserk Slayer
4x Broad Bladed Sword
1x Devilry of Orthanc
2x Battering Ram
3x Bled for Battle
3x Uruk Captain
1x Siege Engine
2x Grima Chief Councellor
4x Uruk Fighter
1x Uruk-Hai Rampage
3x Sarumans Ambition

This deck uses a very generic yet potent Free Peoples side, But it’s the Berserk side of this deck that gives you more control. These Berserker’s are great at slowing your opponent down, even more so with the fact that you benefit from your sites if you go second.

The Free Peoples side is quite simple really – in fact the whole deck is, perhaps that’s why it works well I’m not sure? Anyway – the key is to get your guys and possession’s out ASAP BUT be aware of Grima Wormtongue, he’s in nearly every deck out there – and he can surprise any one of us Soooooo…. To fix this, Saga of Elendil is meant for Faramir with his bow (remember he’s Ringbound so Grima WT cant touch him ;-) And in a worse case senario, if you were to pile up everything on Aragorn (eg. Bow, sword, last alliance + saga) then he’s always going to be the ONLY one that can be targeted by Grima WT. All other character’s are designed to only hold 2 possession’s at a time.

This deck doesn’t require athelas incase your wondering? With Elrond, Galadriel + Citadel there is more than enough healing between sanctuaries.

I’ve found that condition removal isn’t that important with my deck – as it is designed to run ahead when needed and to slow down the opponent with my Berserker side of things – so Shadow condition’s don’t have much time to kick in if the game’s going fast (this deck can run well even against Nazgul + Isengard Tracker decks).

You’ve got Swordarm of the White Tower for making a killer Aragorn and Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom to play on any Ranger, which includes Arwen for when you want to totally wipe out a Nazgul or 2 ;-)

The Shadow Berserker side of things is also simple, yet new!
You have your Devilry + Battering Ram Machine’s to keep your opponents a little extra busy + a Siege Engine to keep them safe ;-)
Obviously it’s the Berserker’s that are the key to this deck though. These guys are very powerful and can only get bigger.
With the use of Broad Bladed Swords you can help look after pesky archery decks, a single Bred for Battle played on a Slayer makes him +5 Strength (not to mention any wounds on your opponent giving him another +2 per wound ;-). Saruman’s ambition is there for a few more pumps in strength. The Fighter’s are in there to benefit from large fellowships and the Captain’s in there to recycle those crazy yet nasty Berserkers.

Final Word:
This is a Quite a Competative deck for Standard Format. Although the Berserker side would definitely benefit from Savagery to Match Their Number’s and Saruman Keeper of Isengard in Open Format – I decided to try and keep it on the road of Standard seeing as that’s the main format being spoken of and played here in Brisbane-Australia.
Also notice how there are only 3 cultures in the FP side of things ;-) NO Grima Chief Counsellor is going to hurt you ;-)

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