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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/11/2003)

Well with registration in the main hall taking 35 minutes for us to get through combined with a faulty fire alarm that went off shortly afterwards (creating a further 20 minute delay) you can be rest assured that we were all ready to kick this thing off by the time we got to our room.

The Big Weekend Convention is a 3 day event that happens annually here in Brisbane-Australia. This year it was held at the Catholic Girls College in Spring Hill (basically in the City).

We had 9 players turn up straight after the alarm. We were anxious to start so we got straight into it. 5 minutes into Round 1/5 we were welcomed by the presence of 1 other player and 2 other onlookers (who stuck with us the whole day and are now addicted to this great game ;-). So I stoped the round where we all were and set him up against Rob who was the guy originally receiving the bye, once that was done, we got started again.

My first round came up against Marcus. He was a little upset that this event was Standard Format rather than Open and I think him being a little worked up effected his better judgement during the first round against me. He was playing a similar Fellowship with an Dunland/Isengard site control and stack deck, but alas it never really got off the ground with my heavy Free People’s archery so I ran to the end. Oh my Winning deck can be found here for you to look over:
LINK: (please add link to my winning deck article – thanks).

Second Round was against Bryan who was playing a Rohan based Fellowship with a Warg Shadow side. Unfortunately Bryan had really bad dealings with his hands (getting the wrong things at the wrong time) so bad luck played against him in our game. I’m not too confident that Wargs are strong enough for tournament play yet, although I could be wrong?

Third Round was the last round before a 1 hr lunch break and I went up against Rob (who ended up getting a close second behind me for this tournament) who was playing a FP side that was about 80 % of what mine was with a Isengard Tracker shadow side. Unfortunately my Nazgul were successful at holding him back whilst my FP archery allowed me to run to the end.

Lunch time was full of Soda Drinks and Sausage Rolls. Most of visited the stall’s down in the main hall and it was great to see these newbie’s who were simply watching us play, come into the hall and buy starter’s and boosters. Most of these guys I demo’d too on the day so hopefully their hooked on this game now ;-)

Well after lunch we got stuck into the 4th round. Here I came up against a Rohan/Gandalf Trust Me Deck with a Moria Swarm. My Catea’s and Grima WT really hurt his FP side as he never got out his ‘Weapon Store’ to get them back. Once again my FP archery was what allowed me to run to the end – by the time any thing slipped through for a skirmish, my guys were well armed ;-)

In The final round I came up against David Starr (not to be confused with David Hartwig who was also playing on the day) who was playing a Elf/Gondor/Rohan FP side with another Warg Deck. His wargs did a little better against me than Bryan’s and David nearly got the better of me on the site path. But with a well timed run from site 5 to 7, by Nazgul kicked in to slow him down for the rest of the site path, for yet another win.

So my deck (see link above and I’ll include it again at the bottom of this article) did extremely well to win undefeated. Although the deck makes up for a lot of it – how you play it and the experience of the player counts for a lot too (I’m not blowing my own horn either, but I think this is a valid point ;-), if you check out the link to my winning deck you’ll also see how to best make use of it under the strategy section ;-)

Have fun guys and to any of you who are from Oz that read this, maybe one day we’ll see you at one of our Tournament and/or Convention’s?? The next one to come up is the Queensland Titles to be held on the 24th of May 2003 – See you There!

Placings for the Day:
1st Carl Craig
2nd Rob Waugh
3rd Thomas Nilsen
4th Justin Young
5th Bryan Gagen
6th David Starr
7th Marcus Costello
8th Natalie Frost
9th David Hartwig
10th Sheree Quinn

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