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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/11/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Tired Traveller
Eomer Third Marshall of Riddermark
Theoden King of the Golden Hall

Site Path:
1. Horse Country (Have lots of Rohan Mounts)
2. Uruk Camp (Anit Uruk’s)
3. Stables (Have lots of Mounts)
4. Westermet Hills (Good for my FP side)
5. Hornburg Parapet (Extra help for my FP side)
6. Hornburg Armory (Have a lot of Possessions for my FP’s)
7. Hornburg Causeway (Good against large fellowships)
8. Wizards Vale (Anti Choke)
9. Palantir Chamber (Good if your opponent happens to have a few burden’s at this stage ;-)

Free Peoples (35 – incl 2 starting above):
1x A Wizard is Never Late
3x Gandalf White Wizard
1x Narya
1x Gandalfs Staff
1x Shadowfax
4x Trust Me As You Once Did
1x Eowyn Sister-Daughter of Theoden
1x Eowyn’s Sword
2x Riders Mount
1x Herugrim
1x Eomers Spear
1x Firefoot
1x Helm Helm!
4x Servant of the Secret Fire
1x Hearken to Me
1x Weapon Store
3x Simblemyne
1x Fortress Never Fallen
3x An Honorable Charge
1x Albert Dreary

Shadow (34):
4x Evil Smelling Fens
2x Gollum Nasty Treacherous Creature
4x We Must Have It
4x Watcher In the Water
4x Foul Tentacle
4x Huge Tentacle
4x Foul Things
1x Goblin Domain
1x Fool of a Took
1x Hide and Seek
2x The End Comes
4x Dark Places

Well The FP side of this deck is strong – but the SH side is extremely experimental. More for fun really to show that the Tentacles are possible although somewhat lacking in strength and numbers still – although you can still win with them with a little more luck than most shadow sides ;-)

The FP side is a Trust Me deck with a Rohan Twist – rather than the common multi culture Trust Me decks etc…. this gets around the new Grima Chief Counsellor ;-)

A very strong FP deck with 3 Gandalf Signet companion’s being in play as soon as you get Gandalf out (Gandalf, Theoden + frodo) that gives the Trust Me’s their optimal use from the word go ;-)

You’ll Either pull a Gandalf or Wizard is Never Late to get him. If you pull Gandalf and a Wizard later, use that to grab Albery (assuming your playing against moria or Isengard?).

Gandalf will have plenty of vitality for Trust Me’s with his staff and ring ;-)
There’s lots of mounts in there to make use of the applicable sites.

The shadow side does rely on you to get Evil-Smelling Fens out to use your tentacles but once that happens you’ll be already to take over – with a total of 12 tentacles available + 4 foul things to get them back again ;-) Gollum with his Fens can help you get them back too ;-) makes optimum use of that condition should you get more than the 1 you need in play ;-) Their not unique which is a good thing.

Other Notes:

Well that’s it in a nut shell – I ‘ve been sitting back with all of my deck’s written down and haven’t posted them anywhere (till now) sorry for bombarding you with all of these totally different decks etc… but that’s how I do them, I write them down in a note pad – build them and play with them, and then once I get around to it I type them up for you guys to browse over and perhaps try yourself. The FP side can be compatible with most SH sides where as this SH side is purely for fun ;-)

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