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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/14/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Courteous Halfling
Arwen, Daughter of Elrond
Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden

Site Path:
1. Estermet Plains (Grab Legolas)
2. Uruk Camp (Anti Uruk + it’s a Plains)
3. Barrows of Edoras (Can be very useful)
4. Westemnet Hills (Healing for mounted FP’s + it’s a Plains)
5. Helms Gate (+2 for Weapons)
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a lot of possessions to play – bonus ;-)
7. Kings Room (Extra wounds for those not playing Rohan)
8. Wizards Vale (Anti Choke)
9. Cavern’s of Isengard (This is what makes this deck click should the game last till the end ;-)

Free Peoples (35 – incl 2 starting above):
4x Simbelmyne
1x Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark
1x Eomer’s Spear
1x Firefoot
2x Astfaloth
2x Gwemegil
1x Eowyn’s Sword
1x Eothain
1x Helm Helm!
2x Rider’s Mount
2x Path Finder
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Weapon Store
1x Fortress Never Fallen
1x Sword of Rohan
3x Thundering Host
1x Armor
4x An Honorable Charge
1x Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad
1x Legolas, Greenleaf

Shadow (35):
3x Saruman Master of Foul Folk
4x Isengard Axe
3x Orc Overseer
3x Orc Commander
3x Isengard Servant
3x Isengard Warrior
4x Isengard Shamen
2x Isengard Smith
3x Isengard Forger
1x Palantir of Orthanc
2x Tower of Orthanc
1x Ulaire Enquea
2x Coming for the Ring
1x Caradhras Has Not Forgiven Us
1x Saruman’s Power

Going first or second doesn’t really phase this deck.
I usually only bid 1 or 2, cause like I said it doesn’t really matter – if you go second it just means that you’ll definitely get all of your own sites on the table without having to use Pathfinder.

The Freepeoples side of this deck is taken from another deck I made called ‘Running on all Fours’ But I did find that it worked wonderfully well with my Classic Orc Shadow Side – This is how this deck was born ;-)

With the release of a single card in HD (maybe 2 if you include the site 9 Caverns of Isengard) which is Saruman Master of Foul Folk – the classic style of Isengard Orcs from the Realms of the Elflords expansion gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Regroup Wounding” ;-) I mean a fellowship is definitely going to think twice about running when having to deal with ‘healed’ orcs – forget about the new Warg Decks this is what gives the new Saruman maximum useage ;-) And he can keep giving your axes back to your guys (Awesome!!).

Apart from the obvious abilities that each orc has – you’ve also got a Palantir to use up any remaining twilight (good against Gandalf White Wizard decks too – don’t want too much shadow hanging around ;-). There’s a Tower in there for twilight bonus – exhausted companions are quite likely with all the wounds flying around during regroup phases.
There are a couple of Coming for the Ring’s in there for healing – you can get some nice regroup combo’s happening if this card works for you ;-)
A Caradhras HNF Us for extra spice and a well timed saruman’s power to give you an advantage (the only condition you might lose is your tower ;-) …..but you have 2 of them.

Cavern’s of Isengard is there to give you a last ditch effort should the game get that far – this site is purely designed for this deck ;-) Don’t forget to refer to the FAQ at Decipher’s site for clarification if the text of this site doesn’t work for you ;-)

Other Notes:

I know that the FP side of this deck is at a competitive level, but I’m yet to try the shadow side in competitive play, so for now I think I should just say that this is more of a fun deck than a tournament deck – although I have a gut feeling that it would do ok from the playtesting I’ve done with it ;-)
If anything’s it’s a lot of fun to finally get those older Isengard Orcs doing what they were designed to do – all we needed were a few more cards (namely Saruman MoFF)

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