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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (6/15/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Courteous Halfling
Arwen, Daughter of Elrond
Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden

Site Path:
1. The Riddermark (Pull Aragorn)
2. Uruk Camp (Vs Uruk’s)
3. Stables (Good cause you use mounts)
4. Westerment Hills (once again for your mounts)
5. Hornburg Parapet (extra wounds from your FP)
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a lot of possessions to play – bonus ;-)
7. Kings’ Room (guess what I have a rohan companion)
8. Wizards Vale (good against choke)
9. Palantir Chamber (bound to have a few burdens to help you out by then ;-)

Free Peoples (33):
3x Aragorn, King in Exile
1x Aragorn’s Bow
1x Ranger’s Sword (original version)
2x Flaming Brand
1x Eowyn’s Sword
1x Gwemegil
1x Asfaloth
4x Arwen’s Fate
1x Armor
1x Last Alliance of Elves and Men
1x Elrond, Lord of Rivendell
1x Legolas Greenleaf
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Choice of Lithuien
4x No Mere Ranger
2x Athelas
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast
1x Saga of Elendil
1x Voice of Rauros
1x Erestor
1x These Are My People
1x Rider’s Mount
1x Brego

Shadow (33):
2x Grishnahk
4x Hate
2x Desert Stalker
2x Southron Fighter
4x Orc Bowmen
4x Under the Watching Eye
3x Orc Cutthroat
4x Orc Ambusher
4x Orc Scouting Band
1x Tower Assassin
1x Eye of Sauron
2x Forces of Mordor

Doesn’t matter if you go 1st or 2nd
There’s a slight preference to go first with this deck purely cause its themed around having Aragorn torn between these 2 beautiful women + there are a lot of possession’s you’d want to play on him.

The Shadow side is a slightly twisted version of the classic direct damage deck – with a few maneuver phase southron’s to help out + a few of the new HD Saruon culture cards such as Grishnahk + Orc Cutthroat.

The shadow provides a hell of a lot of damage in the form of ‘take a move, take a wound’ with Under the W/eye…..Archery with the bowmen, direct with scouting band + hates.

There’s a chance that your opponent with take some burdens’ with all the archery so there’s an ‘eye of sauron’ there to give you a card advantage + a couple of forces of mordor, cause most of your minion’s are cheap to play so a few more twilight would be cool ;-)

The FP side of the deck is more of a Theme Deck based around Aragorn and 2 beautiful women (hence the title of the deck).

This deck can be made in standard format obviously, but I chose for it to be open purely because I wanted the companion’s to be as impressive as they can – basically it’s a competition between the 2 girl’s to win Aragorn’s heart, and Aragorn’s a true man so he take’s all the help he can get – hahaha.

Final Word:
I hope you have fun with this deck.
This deck is competitive, but its Theme first and Tweaked for Competative play second.

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