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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (6/30/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Tired Traveller
Faramir, Captain of Gondor
Ranger of Ithilien

Site Path:
1. Eastwall of Rohan
2. Rohirrim Village (Anti FP archery)
3. Westemnet Plains (Anti FP archery)
4. White Rocks
5. Deeping Wall (Grab Saruman from Library)
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a few possessions)
7. Hornburn Causeway (anti large fellowships + I use Ringbound Companions)
8. Ring of Isengard (Card Draw Advantage)
9. Orthanc Balcony (Grab Saruman from Discard Pile at –2 cost)

Free Peoples (35):
4x Ancient Roads
1x Faramir’s Bow
1x Faramir’s Cloak
1x Forbidden Pool
2x Henneth Annun
1x Mablung
1x Ruin’s of Osgiliath
4x War and Valor
4x Sword of Gondor
1x Damrod
1x Boromir my Brother
1x Forests of Ithilien
3x Gondorian Ranger
1x Anborn
1x Citadel of Minus Tirith
2x Athelas
3x Gondor Bowmen
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom

Shadow (35):
4x Hides
3x Wulf
2x Hill Chief
1x Hill Clan
3x Dunlending Elder
4x Burn Every Village
2x Saruman Rabble Rouser
3x Dunlending Looter
3x Dunlending Ransacker
2x Hillman Band
1x Hillman Rabble
3x Hillman Tribe
1x No Refuge
3x War Club

It doesn’t matter if this deck goes first or second. Although it probably couldn’t hurt to bid 2 to try and go first, this way your site control can kick in earlier cause site 1 becomes vacant when its your first shadow phase. But then again you lose your site 2 in the process.

The FP side is your typical Ringbound Ranger deck, but it has been majoly tweaked with the new Ents of Fangorn cards likd Anborn and more importantly Ancient Roads. Ancient Road will ensure that the minion’s stay roaming for a longer part in the game, which means the like’s of Faramir and benefit from this to a greater degree.

Just play companions when you get them and pump em up with swords as you get them. I have at least one of each site specific condition (like Henneth Annun etc…), I actually have 2 Henneth’s in there so that you can discard one to get rid of a roaming minion and then still have one to benefit you at site 6 later on.

The SH side is also a typical dunland site control deck, except this is made more versatile with the intro of Dunlending Elder, give it a shot and notice what difference this one card can make.

Final Word:
Well this deck can be competitive, although its still too early to see what else has been tweaked and/or dug up with the release of EoF.
What few cards I did use from EoF definitely strengthen’s these strategies a lot, so if Decipher keep up this kind of ‘broadening’ I guess you can call it, then all the better for this great game, I for one would like to see more tales, and weather spells and Isengard Men.

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