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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (6/30/2003)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer
Merry Unquenchable Hobbit
Pippin Just a Nuisance

Site Path:
1. Eastemnet Gullies (Grab Legolas)
2. Fangorn Forest (Pull Treebeard)
3. Barrows of Edoras (Get that Ent Army happening early)
4. White Rocks (Anti large mount decks)
5. Helms Gate
6. Hornburg Armory (I have a few possessions)
7. Cavern Entrance (Anti skirmish events, now meet Mr Balrog)
8. Wizards Vale
9. Palantir Chamber (might have a few burden’s to increase your chance of getting your Balrog back)

Free Peoples (36):
3x Enraged
3x Ent Avenger
3x Ent Moot
1x Ent Horde
1x Host of Fangorn
2x Roused
1x Skinbark
1x Treebeard Guardian of the Forest
3x A Wizard is Never Late
1x Albery Dreary
1x Sam Son of Hamfast
3x Gandalf Greyhame
1x Shadowfax
1x Gandalf’s Staff
1x Narya
3x Servant of the Secret Fire
1x Sting, Baggins’ Heirloom
2x Crack into Rubble
1x Slow Long Wrath
1x Legolas Greenleaf

Shadow (35):
2x Durin’s Tower
4x The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow
4x Goblin Runner
1x Dark Places
2x Relics of Moria
2x Power and Terror
2x Balrog’s Sword
2x Whip of Many Thongs
4x Goblin Armories
4x Goblin Scavengers
4x Goblin Scimitars
3x Moria Scout
1x They Are Coming
1x Foul Things

Going second probably helps this deck a little more, as your site 2 is more important than your site 1.

We finally see a real good alternative use for ‘A Wizard is Never Late’, this card will help you build up your ent army quickly.

Gandalf’s there to get either of your hobbits back should the successfully use either of their abilities. The 2 hobbits are there for as long as possible, but later in the game there not too important as your Ents will be able to handle themselves quite well.

With the FP side, not only were the Ents’ themselves important for this sub-culture to work, but the support cards like ‘Enraged, Ent Moot + Long Slow Wrath’ make all the difference.

Now with the SH side, I wanted to make a deck solely for the comeback of my everyone’s fav minion (well almost everyone’s) The Balrog. This new bad boy doesn’t’ require an underground to play him so he’s nasty – he’s much more likely to get out than the older 2 version’s, playing moria orcs with him obviously increases the chances. With the demise of really effective ‘choke’ decks in standard, I think the new Balrog will be a force to be reckoned with. Durin’s Tower can make it even more scary – this card can also be great for pumping up the likes of the Cavetroll and his Keyward, thanks to its ‘pump a unique moria minion’ text.

Final Word:
Still too early to tell if this will be a competitive deck. I’ve played around with it via proxie deck ideas etc…. but not to the extent that it’ll get when the sets officially out (cant wait!!).
I think the Ent side will do really well and the SH side has potential, perhaps have to work on it a little and concentrate on NOT making the Balrog the centre piece of the deck. Well I hope you have fun with them anyways – Stay Gold

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