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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (4/1/2004)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Hope of the Free Peoples
Gimli, Counter of Foes
Farin, Dwarven Emissary

Site Path:
1. Dunharrow Plataeu (Grab ‘Dark Way’s’ to start building up Threats for Gimli’s Axe)
2. West Road (a chance of more twilight for your Nazgul)
3. The Dimholt (Underground for Till Durin Wakes)
4. City of the Dead (Underground again + it’s a bonus for your enduring Nazgul)
5. City Gates
6. Minus Tirith Second Circle (heal Dwarves if moving in regroup)
7. Osgiliath Crossing (Draw 2 cards)
8. Morgulduin (Play a Nazgul from Discard Pile)
9. Dagorlad (add 3 Threats)

Free Peoples (33– incl 2 starting above):
2x Gimli’s Axe, Trusted Weapon
1x Gimli’s Helm
2x Farin
2x Gloin
1x Dwarven Guard
2x Hand Axe
2x Dwarven Axe
2x Endurance of Dwarves
2x Aggression
1x Battle in Earnest
2x Blood Runs Chill
1x Counts but One
1x Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Calculated Risk
1x Dark Ways
1x Greatest Kingdom of our People
1x Lord of Moria
1x Till Durin Wakes
4x Cleaving Blow

Shadow (33):
3x Ulaire Attea, Thrall of the One
3x Ulaire Nertea, Thrall of the One
3x Ulaire Otsea, Thrall of the One
3x The Witch King, Black Captain
4x Morgul Gates
2x Between Nazgul and Prey
3x Beyond all Darkness
2x Black Dart
2x Black Flail
2x Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul
2x Ulaire Cantea, Lieutenant of Dol-Gulur
2x Nazgul Sword
2x Winged Mount

The FP side is a look at seeing how a straight Dwarven Deck can handle it – with the new released culture cards from Siege of Gondor. I must admit I’m totally fresh to trying a straight dwarven deck – so please don’t be too harsh with your reviews on this one, I’ve only play tested it a little and it seems alright – although when I play dwarves there seems to be something lacking (just like with a straight elven deck). The whole idea is simple – just get out your dwarven cards as quick as possible – using dark ways + Gimli’s Axe to make him a machine early in the game. I’ve tried to put a little of everything useful as a ‘surprise factor’. I do think that the new Dwarven cards in SOG definitely give the culture a push in the right direction, other than Gimli and his toy’s not much else in this culture seems to see play.

Now the SH side is a look at the new Nazgul and their Enduring Ability. I’ve tried to take as much from SOG as I could to make this work and believe me – these new wraiths are painful. It would even be advisable to try a blend of Nazgul with their new orcs, thus gaining enduring bonuses from the archery wounds BUT I’ve got a Ring wraith culture orc deck in mind without much aid from their Nazgul counterparts that’s why I didn’t want to add them in this deck idea. But these bad boys can definitely deal enough wounds for them to hang around long enough for the enduring effects. I’m trying a few new Winged Mounts seeing as there are now 2 underground sites which will detract from the use of Black Steed’s. Between Nazgul and Prey + Beyond all Darkness are very nasty new events –and them also being rare means they’ll be quite sought after out of this expansion. Obvious additions from older sets like enquea, cantea and gates simply round the deck off nicely.

Other Notes (O/T): Sorry to tag this onto the end of my deck BUT due to a hacker we lost our original deck tech site. Now I don’t have all of the contact’s for each person who was a member of our old site, but I do know that a few of you were subscribed to my posts so hopefully you read this message and pass the new link on.
We’ve started our new site here:

And we’re trying to make it more of an Australian/New Zealand (Downunder) site rather than just a QLD site like it used to be – so even if your reading this and weren’t already a member of the old site please consider joining the new one, everyone’s welcome (no matter where in the world your from) and feel free to come along and talk about any Tolkien related game/topic not just the TCG. A great place to advertise up and coming events and your have/want lists etc….. Once again I’m sorry for plugging this here, but it honestly was the only way for me to reach a lot of our old crowd. Have fun.

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