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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/6/2004)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Hope of the Free Peoples
Gimli, Counter of Foes
Arwen, Daughter of Elrond

Site Path:
1. Dunharrow Plataeu (Grab ‘Dark Way’s’ to start building up Threats for Gimli’s Axe + Aragorn)
2. Rohirrim Camp (would be nice to have non-roaming Corsair’s this early in the game)
3. Hall of Kings
4. Anduin Banks (+2 STR)
5. City Gates
6. Minus Tirith Second Circle (heal Dwarves if moving in regroup)
7. Osgiliath Crossing (Draw 2 cards)
8. Cross Roads (Twilight Addition during Shadow)
9. Dagorlad (add 3 Threats)

Free Peoples (33– incl 2 starting above):
2x Gwemegil
1x Elven Bow
3x Aragorn, Driven by Need
1x Last Alliance of Elves and Men
1x Aragorn’s Bow
1x Rangers Sword
2x Gimli’s Axe, Trusted Weapon
1x Gimli’s Helm
2x Farin
1x Hand Axe
1x Endurance of Dwarves
1x Saga of Elendil
1x Tale of Gil Galad
2x Aggression
1x Battle in Earnest
2x Blood Runs Chill
1x Counts but One
1x Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad
1x Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Wood
1x Legolas, Greenleaf
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom
1x Calculated Risk
1x Dark Ways
1x Shadow Between

Shadow (33):
3x Corsair War Gallery
3x Black Numenorean
2x Black Sails of Umbar
3x Castamir of Umbar
3x Corsair Gunners
4x Corsair Ballista
3x Corsair Freebooter
2x Corsair Lookout
2x Corsiar Marauder
2x Ships of Great Draught
4x Wind that Sped Ships
1x Harsh Tongues
1x Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul

The FP side is a look at seeing what the new Dwarven cards can do for Gimli and Co without going ‘ALL’ dwarves just yet (that’s for another deck idea to come) as well as not being shy of using threats to make Gimli and Aragorn more powerful. Farin’s in there cause of heavy Orc decks around – I guess there’ll be a few new Ringwraith culture orc decks floating around with all this new archery business (I like it) and with the possibility of fierce+enduring Wraiths I went for the old Arwen DOE ;-)
The FP side is a simple one to play, the whole basis around it is to use threats to your advantage + have a few companion’s in there who aren’t relying on that strategy who can look after themselves.

Now the SH side is a look at the new sub-culture for Raider – the Corsairs. Although there somewhat limited by what has been released in this smaller expansion (122 cards) – you’ll find that the game designers concentrated on making the Raider culture Corsair heavy, so there still quite playable. There are also a few older cards that can tie in with them nicely (harsh tongues, fierce in despair – although I did not incl the last of these in this deck).

You’ll find it refreshing to have so many counter’s flying around during the Shadow Phase – although the abilities that these counters give you aren’t new, the way this culture works makes it feel really different. Obviously the likes of Castamir and Black Numenorean’s are heavy hitters for this deck, but common cards like Black Sails and Corsair Ballista are key’s for this deck to really take off.

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