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CardShark Content - Carl Craig (5/6/2004)

Starting Fellowship:
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane
Frodo, Hope of Free Peoples
Aragorn, Driven by Need

Site Path:
1. Steps of Edoras (Defender +1 for Gondor is always nice)
2. Rohirrim Camp (Non-Roaming Minions)
3. The Dimholt (Lets you grab an Undead from you Draw Deck if needed - NICE)
4. Pelennor Plain (make use of any burden’s Gollum’s added for minion archery)
5. Pelennor Flat (Coax your opponent to add more burdens)
6. Minus Tirith Sixth Circle (heal Gondor if moving in regroup)
7. Pelennor Grassland (more twilight can be nice anytime)
8. Northern Ithilien (turn Threats into Burden’s and play Gollum from Discard pile – NICE)
9. Slag Mounds (Every last Burden can count)

Free Peoples (31 – incl 2 starting above):
2x King of the Dead
2x Shadow Host
2x Anduril Flame of the West
1x Saga of Elendil
1x Elrond, Herald of Gil-Galad
4x Gondor Bowmen
2x Oathbreaker
2x Sleepless Dead
2x Stronger and More Terrible
2x Swept Away
4x Spectral Sword
2x Elessars Edict
2x At his Command
1x Voice of Rourus
1x Sting, Baggin’s Heirloom

Shadow (31):
4x Shelob, Eater of Light
2x Promise Keeping
1x Larder
3x Spider Poison
2x Web
1x Hidden Even from Her
1x Gollum Stinker
4x We Must Have it
1x Evil Smelling Fens
2x Hobbitses are Dead
1x Its Mine
2x Morgul Ambusher
4x Morgul Creeper
2x Morgul Lurker
1x Ulaire Enquea, Lieutenant of Morgul

Well its definitely been a lot of fun looking through Siege of Gondor and trying to place together deck ideas – I’d have to say that I’m more eager for this set to be released than RotK cause SoG actually helps to make RotK even better, not to mention SoG is adding some completely new strategies which is amazing for a smaller set of 122 cards.
This whole deck is about making 2 totally new sub-cultures in SoG, come to life. I’ve taken the new ‘UNDEAD’ for the Free Peples side and ‘SHELOB’ for the Shadow side.

When you first look at each of these Sub-Cultures… it’s quite possible for some people to think that there’s simply not enough to work with to make these Sub-Cultures viable OR workable, BUT believe me, with a little aid from previous expansion cards (like Gollum, Bowmen, Aragorn etc….) this deck can get nicely rounded.

The Free Peoples side believe it or not – wants wounds. Don’t be shy to take hits and in fact the condition ‘Gondor Bowmen’ can be triggered by the undead, so use em and get them exhausted. Why do you want them exhausted I hear you ask, well if you take a look at the condition ‘Swept Away’ – as long as you keep initiative your exhausted undead cannot take wounds.
The Frodo and Aragorn I’ve chosen are there to keep an eye on the threats – cause they have to be maintained to be able to bring out more undead. Elrond is there to heal Aragorn + I’ve opted for Anduril instead of a sword + bow, cause I find that using more than one weapon takes up more resourse space. Everything else in the Free Peoples side is quite self-explanatory.

The Shadow side is a fresh look at the new Shelob idea. I’ve opted to go with the rare version, as I’ve included orcs to stack on Web – which in turn will give her +3 per minion stacked on there. You can infact use any type of orc, although in the end I decided to go with the new Nazgul orcs seeing as they were cheap and their abilities (especially Morgul Creeper) worked in well with my ideas. I found moria relied too much on recycling so stacking them wasn’t much good for their swarming. Sauron are a little too expensive, but I think the Isengard orcs are the next most useful, cause you’d be trying to keep them alive to use their regroup abilities (these are the old ‘Realms of the Elflords’ orcs) and then you can stack them on Web once they’ve done – Warg riders aren’t a good idea with Shelob because without their Wargs they tend to die too easily in a skirmish which decreases their chance of making it to the regroup phase for staking.
You can inturn stack Shelob herself and Gollum – which means you can play them again if you don’t draw one (you can get a shelob out each turn if you wanted) + you can play gollum from you discard pile too. Use Evil-Smelling Fens to get any minion back from the discard pile. The burden adding is mainly for other cards bonuses – its possible to win with a corruption although the deck’s not aimed at winning that way – Shelob will slowly pick off your companion’s until she gets to feed on Frodo.

I’ve tried to keep this deck as small and tight as possible – because both sides of the deck rely on consistency – obviously shortening the deck size increases your chances of acquiring the cards you need. I’m not saying that other orcs cannot be used with Shelob, obviously you can tweak the deck quite a bit to work with Sauron and Isengard – the option’s are open and up to you, this was just what I decided to work with. Don’t bid high to start, getting your sites out is an advantage so perhaps bid zero or 1 and try to go second.

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