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CardShark Content - Charles Farrell (2/22/2006)

What is your favorite civilization? Why do you like it? How does it help you duel? Do you combine civilizations?

I still do not understand why people hate the Water civilization. Sure, it is poor for offense, but it is great for easy evolution. My deck has 33 Water Cards, 17 Darkness cards and 1 Fire card. You can easily see the combinations in this deck. The key to having the perfect deck is to create good combinations.

Every Civilization has a good buddy close by. Some duelists just don’t know what cards go well with others. I have seen many different combinations, one of which was horrible: Fire and Nature Civilizations. There is a red card on that choice. Fire and Nature Civilizations do not have blockers. Therefore, there was no defense in the deck.

Some interesting combinations are: Light cards and Nature “Beast Folk” and “Colony Beetles”, Fire and Light “Guardians”, Nature and Light “Angel Commands”, and Water and Darkness “Dark Lords” and “Demon Commands” and Fire “Armored Dragons”.

The Basics: Civilizations will be assisted by the effects of other Civilizations. The Nature and Fire Civilizations have no blockers. The best thing to do is to combine with another Civilization that has blockers. The Fire Civilization has “Speed Attackers” in it, making it good to combine with Civilizations of low amounts of evolution creatures and High Mana creatures. The Water Civilization has good cards, but requires a lot of Mana. The Nature Civilization is useful for adding Mana, which means it will take less time to summon a High Mana creature. It is also good to use the Darkness Civilization with the Water Civilization because Darkness creatures do not require a lot of Mana, making it easier to defend while powering up. Some creatures gain power for having other civilizations and their races in the battle zone. An example is King Aquakamui. When he is in the battle zone, the power of “Angel Commands” and “Demon Commands” increases.

Here is my deck. See if you can point out the combinations:

Crystal Abyss

Creatures (37)

1: Crystal Lancer*
1: Fort Megacluster*
1: Q-Tronic Hypermind*
2: Aqua Knight
4: Aqua Hulcus
3: Aqua Rider
1: Bazagazeal Dragon
1: Vashuna Sword Dancer
1: Vampire Silphy
1: King Triumphant
1: Trenchdive Shark
3: Titanium Cluster
2: Promephius Q
2: Aqua Shooter
1: Zorvaz the Bonecrusher
2: Bloody Squito
1: Gigagriff
4: Aqua Soldier
1: King Coral
1: Tentacle Worm
2: Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity
1: Propeller Mutant

Spells (14)

4: Spiral Gate
3: Critical Blade
3: Death Smoke
1: Riptide Charger
1: Energy Stream
1: Brain Serum
1: Future Slash

*Evolution Creature

Tips: My deck has many Water creatures that are blockers. This keeps a strong defense. But what good is a strong defense with out a strong offense? The Darkness and Fire cards bring around strong attacks. Also, Evolution Creatures were added to destroy opponents. Crystal Lancer and Q-Tronic Hypermind are both Double Breakers.

Here is a good list on Civilizations, and their unique abilities:

Fire: The most offensive, this Civilization contains a lot of triple-breakers and power attackers. It contains no blockers.

Darkness: The second most offensive, it has blockers, slayers, triple-breakers, and is good for destroying creatures.

Nature: The “balance” Civilization, it is mostly for mana power ups. It has no blockers and a poor offense.

Light: Very defensive, it is mostly for overriding blocks and evolving creatures. Its downside is how its blockers are easily defeated by slayers and evolution creatures.

Water: The most defensive, it is good for limiting the amount of cards in the battle zone. Great for easy evolution.

This list may help in the creation of a good deck. You can mix cards around using this list. It is also good to read effects of cards, like adding only spells with shield trigger abilities. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you only get better.

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