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CardShark Content - Charles Farrell (4/28/2006)

Here’s another article bent on helping you to build a powerful deck. This time, though, the article will explore backup cards. Backup cards are cards that are only used to support the stronger cards. They usually have low Mana, and are used to protect the player until they have enough Mana to summon a powerful creature. Many players overlook the weak cards, and become power-hungry for cards like Ballom, Master of Death and Alcadeis, Lord of Spirits. I have four decks right now, one of which was shown in my previous article about combinations. Here’s a deck based only on a complex system of backup cards.

Weaklings Unite!

Fists of Forever (1)
Clobber Totem (1)
Razorpine Tree (2)
Emerald Grass (2)
Silver Axe (3)
Solar Ray (4)
Ultimate Force (2)
Virtual Tripwire (2)
Bazagazeal Dragon (1)
Cocco Lupia (1)
Onslaughter Triceps (2)
Jil Warka, Time Guardian (3)
Gigabolver (1)
Death Smoke (2)
Toel, Vizier of Hope (2)
Mongrel Man (1)
Rumble Gate (2)
Poisonous Dahlia (3)
Illusory Berry (2)
Wild Racer Chief Garan (2)
Energy Charger (4)

If you think about it, most of these cards are 3000 power or less. See how I used a combination of blockers and power attackers. These cards protect and offer some action as Mana increases. Then, when there is enough Mana, I am able to summon Clobber Totem and Bazagazeal Dragon, both of which are double breakers. Plus, there are spell cards to raise Mana and clear the field just in case. All you need to do is throw in a whole bunch of weaker cards with low Mana to maintain defense. Otherwise, you will lose before you can attack.

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