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CardShark Content - Chris Kao (4/14/2005)

What makes a duelist? I ask myself that question a lot in this game. We see the current games’ duelists seek for the strongest decks, the most wins, the most success, the most fame. Of course, I’m not saying that these things are bad, but isn’t there more? This article will hopefully help to shed some light on the “true” duelists.

Let me start by asking again, what makes a duelist? Maybe it’s the deck that makes a duelist. Let’s start there:

The Deck:

So by all things obvious, in order to play this game we need a deck right? Most people start off with one of those starter decks (which are quite nice at this point in time I might add). Soon people usually go one of two directions. Some end up picking the game up right away, as well as the “good” cards of the game. Then, you have those which progress at a much slower pace but they still go where they’re trying to get. The quest for the most successful deck is an ever changing one. Adding cards, buying cards, trading cards, to try and make the most competitive deck. However, does that make a person a “true” duelist? If they win every tourney they go to, every regional, national, championship. In the end, can we truly say of that person that he was a “true” duelist based on his deck alone? Maybe it’s actually his skill that makes him good.

The Skill:

There are a ton of elite duelists out there. The skills they have at the game make them incredible duelists. Look at the top 8 nationals and you’ll see the definition of skill right there. Deck making skills are top notch; dueling skills surpass that of any “normal” duelist. But again, can we truly say of those people that they were “true” duelists just based on there skill alone? The ability to win consistently is an amazing thing to have, but is it what people will truly look up to? Or maybe it has to do with the cards in the deck that require the skills to use.

The Cards:

Do the cards make a duelist? It’s an important factor isn’t it? I mean the cards make the deck and the skill of the duelist is required to use the cards effectively. One game breaking move, one card is all it takes to push a duel in either player’s favor. So is the one card of the situation what makes someone a “true” duelist?

My Conclusion:

I’ve only labeled a few things here in this article. In all honesty, I personally think all three of these attributes are very important in making up a “true” duelist. However, the most prevalent thing that appears when I think of a “true” duelist is his attitude and personality. Who cares if someone has the perfect deck, with the perfect cards, that has the best skills? Those are nothing without the right attitude. Do you think that a player just starting is going to look up to someone that is arrogant and states that they have no purpose in playing the game because they don’t know what they’re doing? I don’t think so, at least I wouldn’t. Have fun with this game. Personally, I think there are people out there that have lost the essence of the game that it is just that. I look at some people that have been playing the game for an extremely long time and anyone they think is inferior to them they’ll treat like dirt. That disgusts me. I’ll say that out loud and with confidence.

In the end, we all started at the same point. What we do affects future people who play the game. Remember that it is just a game, and that the purpose of a game is to have fun. If there are bad attitudes involved, then the fun is lost and it will no longer be a game worth playing. Just remember, we all have the potential to be “true” duelist.

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