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CardShark Content - Chris Kao (5/27/2005)

We have all seen deck types rise and fall. With the coming of the ban lists, we’ve seen removal of the cookie cutter hand-control/chaos. Of course, nowadays in the advanced format of Yu-Gi-Oh! we begin to see the rise of zombie, warrior, chaos, aggro, and burns. However, there are still many deck types out there that are far underrated. In my first article, I talked about gravekeepers and the potential they have to be a tier one deck. In this article, I hope to shed some light once again on another underrated deck type.

As of right now, the deck type I speak of is not yet at the peak of its potential. However, with a few future releases, this deck type could easily become one of the most devastating. This type I speak of is none other than machine. In the next two sets (Lost Millennium and Cybernetic Revolution) we see a rather large jump in playable machines.

Pure machine is honestly an OTK. Setting up an open field for a massive attack with limiter removal can easily win you a game if you get the shot off. The deck then will need to enforce a lot of removal and a lot of control. Both attributes can be attained with a slight bit of work. So now, the cards to go over, this section will be focused mainly on the future releases which will push this deck type to the top.

*note* all cards are based off of the Japanese spoiler.


When this card attacks an opponent's monster, this card's attack strength is increased by 500 during the damage step. When this card is attacked by an opponent's monster, this card's attack strength is decreased by 500 during the damage step.

This will probably officially be on the most devastating 1800 beat-sticks out there. It has the ability to kill basically all played lvl 4 beat-sticks. This includes, Goblin Attack Force, Berserk Gorilla, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, Blade Knight, etc. It even kills some tributes. Vampire Lord has nothing on this guy. Will possibly be a major hitter in the future of machine decks.

Cyber Dragon
Super/Ultimate Rare

When there's a monster on opponent's field and no monster on your field, you may Special Summon this card from your hand.

Ah…the card that I’m probably looking forward to the most. Although it is a tribute, at any time if your opponent has monsters (I assume tokens would work as well) you can special summon this monster. This not only adds speed but also gives you some power as well. However, that is not the only reason to play this guy. The fusion that resolves around this guy is probably one of the largest incentives to play this thing.

Cyber Twin Dragon
Super/Ultimate Rare
Light/Machine - Fusion/8/2800/2100

[Cyber Dragon] + [Cyber Dragon]

This card can only be Fusion summon with the monster named above. This card can attack two times during battle phase.

We’ve already come to learn that attacking twice in a battle phase is an awesome effect. The fact that he’s at 2800 atk is nothing to scoff at either. Your opponent will be feeling it. A pretty self explanatory card when seen as is. The second fusion is even more powerful.

Cyber End Dragon
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
Light/Machine - Fusion/10/4000/2800

[Cyber Dragon] + [Cyber Dragon] + [Cyber Dragon]

This card can only be Fusion summon with the monster named above. When this card attacks a monster in defense mode, and this card's attack strength would be higher than that monster's defense strength, do battle damages to opponent equal to the difference.

Now we have a 4000 atk that has trample…goats will fear this guy like no other. If you can get this guy out, with a clear field and limiters, kiss the duel goodbye then and there. Also, with the synergy and speed at which future machines can run at, it will not be too hard to get this guy out. Of course, now that we have him, how do we bring him out?

Power Bond
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
Magic – Normal

Put Fusion material of a Fusion monster from hand and/or field into Graveyard, special summon a Machine sub-type Fusion monster. The original attack strength of the monster special summon would be doubled. At the end of turn this card is activated, the player who activated this card would receive damages equal to the original attack strength of the special summoned monster. (This special summon would be treated as Fusion Summon)

Not only does this act as the Polymerization for machines, but it doubles their attack. Can you see the point of machines being able to destroy your opponents quickly? Its secondary effect may be a cause for concern. If you were to bring out Cyber End Dragon, you would be taking 4000 dmg at the end of your turn, however…in most cases, the only reason to bring him out would be when you knew that you would end the game, so the secondary effect should never have to see the light.

Limiter Removal
Super Rare
Magic Card – Quick-play

Double the ATK of all face-up Machine-Type monsters that are on your side of
the field when you activate this card. During the End Phase, destroy all
Monster Cards that were affected by this effect.

Of course, this is almost always the heart of any OTK machine deck. Since its quick-play, it can be set and then chained onto your opponents turn. Pretty self-explanatory and can be easily seen as to why it belongs in a machine deck.

Now that we’ve gone over the cards, we can begin to build the deck:

Tribute Monsters [6]:

[3] Cyber Dragon
[3] Fusilier Dragon, the Dual – Mode Beast

Non – Tribute Monsters [11]:

[1] Breaker the Magical Warrior
[1] Tribe – Infecting Virus
[1] Cyber Jar
[1] Reflect Bounder
[1] D.D. Warrior Lady
[1] Sinister Serpent
[1] Drillroid
[2] Steamroid
[2] Cannon Soldier

Spells [18]:

[1] Pot of Greed
[1] Graceful Charity
[1] Snatch Steal
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Premature Burial
[1] Delinquent Duo
[1] Lightning Vortex
[1] Swords of Revealing Light
[2] Giant Trunade
[2] Nobleman of Crossout
[2] Power Bond
[3] Limiter Removal

Spells [5]:

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Call of the Haunted
[1] Ring of Destruction
[1] Ojama Trio

Fusions [# doesn’t matter as long as following are in it]:

[1] Cyber Twin Dragon
[1] Cyber End Dragon

Yes, there are 6 tributes in this deck…at least that’s the appearance. We’ve already gone over how easy it is to be out Cyber End Dragon and Fusilier can be normal summoned if you half it’s atk and def. This is an easy sacrifice. Other than that, the deck includes removal factors for monsters and s/t, although more so for s/t since monsters are easily taken care of with this deck. You may ask why Jinzo is not in here. The fact is that the single tribute that he needs will slow down the synergy and speed of the deck. Awesome card under normal circumstances, but speed is the key. The traps are pretty standard except for the ojama trio which will help get out the Cyber Dragon’s.

Well, the future of machines seems quite bright with the cards to come, take a try and you might be nicely surprised.

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