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CardShark Content - Curtis Lindaas (9/4/2001)

Magic is a game of the mind. Therefore the more one uses his/her mind the better he will play. To learn to think for yourself is the most important aspect of Magic, no one will be there to help in that winner-take-all game of Nationals. A well-oiled deck (just an expression) can only take you so far. You and your sense of play must carry you to the top.

The first part of playing at your peak is to know the rules. The more you know what you can and can't do, the more you know what your opponent can and can't do! This will help you more than I can say in one article. My friends call me “the rulebook”. This is because I know every rule and I know how to interpret most of them. Take this game for example. Mike has six life, and is completely tapped out. Andrew is playing a white deck. It is Mike's end phase and Andrew announces that he will play waylay after Mike's end phase. Now Mike could say, “oh man” and lose the game, unless Mike knows that the errata on Waylay
WaylaySet: Urza's Saga
Greg Staples
Put three Knight tokens into play. Treat these tokens as 2/2 white creatures. Remove them from the game at end of turn.
says that you can only play it during the combat step. Knowing the rules can make the difference between winning and losing.

The next rule takes years to perfect. Some call it guess and test, some call it copying decks from the dojo, and I call it making a team. I am a Magic fan, and have been for many years. I have seen to many people getting hung up on this step. One must make his/her own deck without help. There are many benefits of making one's own deck. Benefit the first, one will know exactly what the deck will have problems with and he or she will know how to play the deck. Finding a good deck, and by that I mean a deck that can beat the five basic decks (weenie, big creature, land destruction, counter, disruption) at least sixty percent of the time. I call it making a team because all the cards must work as a team to reach the common goal of winning. It is ok to copy decks off the Internet until you know enough about the environment or until you know enough about the cards. But copying decks off the Internet is not a crutch and shouldn't be done constantly. Make your own team and test it.

I am a strong believer, and many join me, that cards cannot win on their own. Magic has two major aspects, the deck and the player. Both must be at their peak for a player to win. I have experienced this many times, I am out of practice and I get mana screwed more often, and I don't get the cards that I need more often, or so it seems. A bad player will blame it on bad luck or come up with some other excuse, but I have been playing to long. I know that the reason I lost was because I have not been playing as much as my opponent. That is probably true most of the time. There is a zone of Magic playing. I notice this often. Have you ever been playing a game and got all the cards exactly when you wanted them, and knew when they would come and when they wouldn't? If you know from the beginning that you will probably draw that one card that you haven't been getting as much than you, my friend, are in the zone. The zone is found when your play your best as much as possible. The best players are the people that can find that zone, that piece of their mind that tells the deck what the next card will be, the part of your gaming experience where nothing will or can go wrong. These players are the people who win most often. And if you want to win more often you will play this way.

Using these tips to your advantage could help when you need them most. If you don't believe what I say is true just go out and try it for yourself. You will know if you get in the Magic zone. The best tip that I can ever give is to just have fun. Thanks.

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