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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (5/9/2005)

The problem with some card games is the vast amount of rarities in them. Look at Yu-Gi-Oh. It has loads of rarities. Unfortunately, YGO’s common and normal rare cards don’t always hold up, unlike Magic’s common and uncommons. You do need a lot of money rares, and even though they get reprinted, it’s still a bit of work getting them; Going from 20 to 7 dollars online is a satisfying change, but that’s still 7 bucks for a card that will probably be a singleton in your deck.

That’s the beauty of Duel Masters and Magic. They have good, low cost cards that, although not necessarily Tier 1 tournament winning material, can give you satisfying victories over your casual play group, and the like. Here’s one such deck. I will be on a budget of 20 dollars, and will attempt to make a playable, single color deck, based on cardshark prices, using this budget. (This does not take into account the shipping costs, or the cost of other edition cards. I will simply go by the cheapest prices available for near-mint to mint condition cards.)

(Note that the deck might possibly be cheaper than I say, depending on the prices. If you see a steal, go for it!)

Sharp as a Tack!

Creatures (24)

4: La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian, 10 cents each.
3: Vess, The Oracle (Not on Cardshark yet, probably 10 cents
3: Sarius, Vizier of Suppression, 25 cents each
3: Emerald Grass, 10 cents each
3: Senatine Jade Tree, 10 cents each
3: Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian, $1.50 each
4: Kolon, the Oracle, 25 cents each

Spells (16)

4: Holy Awe, on average, $1.00-$2.00 dollars each
4: Sundrop Armor, 25 cents each
4: Logic Cube, 10 cents each
4: Diamond Cutter, on average, 30-50 cents each.

Given the hypothetical highest likely prices, the deck goes around for about $18.50 U.S, taking into account a worst- case scenario in which the cards that have differing prices must be bought at the highest price. If not, it should be about 14 dollars.

How does the deck work? Well, you swarm the field with cheap blockers and dominate the early game creatures in battle. Rig your field with Sundrop Armor in order to put some Holy Awe or Logic Cube around. Tap and kill your opponent’s creatures, then next turn, cast your diamond cutter with a few creatures
around and go in for the kill. For the explanations…

La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian- A staple in many light decks, this is a nice, cheap creature. You can consider adding some evos for Guardian to take advantage of it, along with some non- blocker guardians, but that might take away from the strategic consistency of the theme, and you also have to take into consideration that many go around for 8-9 bucks. Two Ladia Bale might just be more expensive than the entirety of this deck!

Vess, The Oracle- A La Ura Giga Clone. Not much to say; gives you more early game options, can help swarm the opponent in the endgame.

Sarius, Vizier of Suppression- A 3000 power blocker for 2. The next step in the evolutionary line of blockers. Again, not much else to say.

Emerald Grass- See Sarius.

Senatine Jade Tree- Another ramp up for the blockers, this gives you 4000 power for 3 mana.

Szubs Kin- A leap of faith above the 1-2 mana guys, this guy is a 5 mana 6000 power blocker. Good in a pinch.

Kolon, The Oracle- One of the only truly interesting choices for the deck. A shield trigger creature, Kolon is also the only creature in the deck that can actively strike without diamond cutter. Use this to your advantage, and note the creatures on your opponent’s battle zone. Kolon can serve as nice disruption; tap a creature, kill it with a blocker of superior power, then have Kolon swing for a shield.

Holy Awe- The big daddy of Shield triggers in GENERAL, in my humble opinion. This thing wins games. It not only saves your life, it leaves the opponent wide open to have his field wiped clean of creatures or shields. It is also a very key piece in your deck, and you’ll see why…

Sundrop Armor- Add a card from your hand into your shields. With Logic Cube fetching for Holy Awe, you can quickly set up a final strike. All you need is the correct amount of blockers, a Diamond Cutter in hand, and Holy Awe as a trigger…and guess what helps you make it a trigger? Having your opponent attack into Holy Awe whenever you want is awesome, although mana intensive; you might waste an entire turn on the trick. But it pays off. And even if you can’t rig Holy Awe, you can still rig Kolon, giving you minor disruption AND a creature, or simply drop a shield to extend your life a bit.

Logic Cube- Another key piece, this allows you to rig your shields using Sundrop armor. It’s a shield trigger too, giving you even greater chances of winning if you can pull one off for FREE.

Diamond Cutter- This is the second most important card in your deck. Without this card, you will find it very hard to end the game.

Saving More Money- Dropping all the Holy Awe is simply insane. The least I’d want to have is 3. And what exactly will you do with the one empty slot anyway? You could drop the Szubs Kin and add something smaller, but with a more combative ability in its place, such as La Guile, Seeker of Skyfire (An uncommon, so it would probably cost less than the Rare Szubs). With a finisher like that, you can also drop the Diamond Cutters to 2 and add something else. Maybe Moonlight Flash? Lightning Comet? Depending on your tastes, and whether or not you have 3 Holy Awe instead of 4, that’s 3 slots you can use for Spells. Go wild with it. Also, with less diamond cutters, having Vess, the clone La Ura, is sort of a waste. You can drop them for some stuff that can smash face. That’s about 5-6 dollars less, for a deck that loses on defense and odd technique but has more of a straightforward face smashing attitude, and an odd “Logic Cube Toolbox” feel to it.

Also, remember that, with Stomp A Trons out, Rikabu screwdrivers are around to make life a living hell for blockers of all civilizations. So yeah, maybe it’s better to lose the cool factor of diamond cutter and the heightened power curve and simply build a light deck that’s well balanced, with cheap, effective blockers and attackers. I’m sure that, with all this extra info, you get the gist of it and can tweak the deck to suit your needs.

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