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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (6/16/2005)

And the title is completely true! I humbly welcome you to our 4th installment and thank you all for reading my articles. It is really fun writing them and even more fun when I get an email telling me my work is counting for something. I get goosebumps whenever I see my article in the content section. Sadly, I have been sidetracked these past few days and haven't gotten to do much, but I'm back now. Now, to the deck!

Water civilization, like Magic's Blue, has fast spells and useful creatures, but its beatsticks lag behind everyone else. Blue also has cool shield triggers and things to help you rig them up, and good ´´Comes into Play´´ abilities. So I thought I'd try that instead of the usual 12 Liquid People/Something Else + 4 Paladin/Something Else + 4 Corile +4 something else creature base. Yes, that was a rather odd sentence.

I'll name this after a really cute Japanese cartoon I once saw simply because it's about a girl who invents neat things and takes place on an island in the middle of nowhere. Sort of like how this deck pulls off neat combos, takes place entirely underwater and…pretty much every creature is weaker than a little girl.

Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea

Creatures (24)

3: Corile (20-50 cents each)
4: Emeral (10 cents each)
3: Angler Cluster (10 cents each)
3: Aqua Guard (10 cents each)
3: Aqua Hulcus (35 cents each)
3: Aqua Surfer (10-30 cents each)
3: Unicorn Fish (10 cents each)
2: Sopian (10 cents each)

Spells (16)

4: Spiral Gate (50 cents each)
4: Crystal Memory (Anywhere between 50 cents and 2.00. Sorry, but it's
a must-have.)
4: Shock Hurricane (10-30 cents each)
4: Brain Serum (50 cents each)

About 15 dollars. Without those crazy Crystal Memory, it's a bargain, so get them around a buck or 50 cents if you can.

This deck is all about tricks. Cool tricks. Shock Hurricane not only cleans up the Battle Zone, it allows you to return cards to your hand that have ´´comes into play´´ abilities. These include Corile, Unicorn Fish, Aqua Hulcus, and Emeral. Emeral is a nasty one. Trigger a surfer and then use Shock Hurricane next turn, returning Emeral and Surfer to your hand. Play your Emeral, rigging your surfer. Your opponent's creatures will have a tough time staying on the field, and will remain summon sick for quite some time if you keep up the craziness.

Corile: One of the best creatures Water has to offer. Corile's ability is devastating because it slows down your opponent's tempo twice over. They lose a creature and a draw. They replay the creature and it can't attack. That's quite a waste of a turn.

Emeral: Emeral enables quite a few cool tricks with its ability. It allows you to get a shield then put a shield into your hand. Some guesswork is required as to which shield to pick, but even if you get a trigger, it's not all bad, especially if you took a Spiral Gate, but lay down a Brain Serum, Crystal Memory or a Surfer in its place.

Angler Cluster: 6000 power blocker for 3. Keeps those early attacks from harming you And if bounced by a Paladin, you can replay him next turn and trade with it.

Aqua Guard: 2000 power blocker for 1. Gives you something to do on the first turn.

Aqua Hulcus: With its drawing ability, low cost, nice power and insane evolutions, this guy makes Shock Hurricane a much better option. If he, Emeral, and Surfer are staring down 3 fatties, don't hesitate to Shock Hurricane.

Aqua Surfer: Although painfully overpriced, this shield trigger creature works very well with Emeral.

Unicorn Fish: An Aqua Surfer you might actually want to play, rather than pray that it got thrown into the triggers at the start of the game.

Sopian: The biggest creature in this deck can't attack. Let's face facts: we've got the sorriest beatdown crew ever assembled. However, this doesn't really matter with Sopian, because he allows any creature to go through and take the fight to the shields. If you want, replace Sopian with a beatstick since it's not all that awesome. Actually, I recommend you do. I'm only going for flavor reasons here, and having a beatstick in a deck full of card with horrible power to cost ratios doesn't hang with me. But that's my malfunction, and I'm here to provide advice. My advice would be to load up on something huge you can easily obtain instead of Sopian. Maybe…King Tsunami? I'm kdding. King Neptas allows for cool tricks and it's pretty big, but you want a finisher, not generic fat and certainly not more tricks. So Midnight Crawler and King Nautilus would be better in that aspect.

Spiral Gate: Contrary to other colors, Blue has 3 triggers that are well recognized, and this is one of them. It doesn't have the big ´´PLAY ME´´ sticker that Terror Pit and Holy Awe have on them, but it's good nonetheless. That, and you can cast it in desperation if you draw it. Unlike Pit and Awe, which are expensive and thus could turn out to be hopeless topdecks.

Crystal Memory: The second notable trigger card, and the best of the three in my opinion, as it allows you to tutor any card (tutor is an MTG pet name for any card that lets you search your deck to fetch a specific card). This helps a lot, due to the fact that Emeral is the only 4 of card in this deck. Depending on which cards you already have, you might want to look for Emeral to rig your shields, or Shock Hurricane to combo with whatever you've got in the Battle Zone in the moment, or a trigger like Brain Serum or Surfer. Usually though, you'll have drawn one of your 4 Emeral by the time you trigger or cast a Memory.

Shock Hurricane: It allows you to combo with all the comes into play ability cards in the deck to devastating effect, especially Corile and Emeral, who will screw with your opponent's mind in ways you never thought possible.

Brain Serum: This is the last of the triggers Water has that are often associated to it. Ask pretty much anyone what trigger they think of when you speak of Water and they'll tell you one of those three. Serum is awesome because it can be your very own Pot of Greed in Duel Masters. In Yugioh, Pot of Greed gave you 2 cards for free. It was restricted to 1 because of this. But with a little luck, you can pull off 2 or 3 Pots of Greed in this deck. Energy Stream is better for straight casting since you can use it on turn 3 and draw 2 cards, speeding your game when it's most necessary, but the fact that I can rig Serum to cast for free on the second turn makes me want to use it over Stream.

How to make it cheaper: Get those Memories for a less than 2 dollars each, because they're the only cards in the deck that are considerably expensive. Also note the fact that a lot of the cards in the deck are Water's staple cards, so when you evolve from Casual to tournament player, a lot of these cards will make the journey with you, including Crystal Memory, Corile, maybe Emeral, definitely Hulcus, and maybe Spiral Gate and Brain Serum. As for how to make it work better, try going Light/Water so you have more disruptive shields to work with, and so you can use Kolon, The Oracle for shield trigger crazyness alongside Surfer.

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