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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (8/15/2005)

´´Warning: This article has a deck that is weird and fun. If you are a sensitive Spike, Dennis N Santana is not liable for any brain damage suffered through the reading of this article. Have a nice day.´´

Since I haven't received any email suggestions, I decided to take some time off from my backbreaking schoolwork in order to write another article, since I am late for it, again. Hopefully, my life will get back in rhythm soon and I can write more consistently.

When in doubt, try dragons! That's something a friend of mine used to say. Every single card game we've ever actively played has had dragons. Pokemon had dragons. YGO has dragons, en masse! MTG has dragons, and very high quality ones at that. And Duel Masters has its own spin on dragons, with a more futuristic, chaotic feel to them. It seems everything in Duel Master's Fire Civilization is a living WMD.

Dragons in Duel Masters are huge and expensive, and, strangely enough, get support from tiny birds. However odd that may seem, I decided to use the thematic aspect of the birds aiding the dragons when building my deck. It was such a strange and original interaction within the game that I simply could not stay away from it.

So here we have it:

Weird Symbiosis

Creatures (24)

4: Cocco Lupia
4: Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
2: Bolgash Dragon
4: Bronze Arm Tribe
4: Torcon
3: Burning Mane
3: Barkwhip, The Smasher

Spells (16)

4: Dimension Gate
4: Natural Snare
4: Comet Missile
4: Tornado Flame

Beast Folk and Birds and Dragons…oh my. This deck is weird indeed. I really had to rack my brain to choose which civilization to pick. I had a cutesy theme going with Darkness and Fire, burning and discarding and killing until I could pop Bolgash out and smash. It was very inconsistent, while my attempt with Water was the opposite. Very consistent, but it could never reach the target turn, as it had to hunker down and do nothing for a long time before being able to attack. By the time a Bolgash came out, I was too far behind and any attacks would do me in.

Then, I decided that the best defense was a good offense. This deck's first few turns rely on the beastfolk offensive to terminate any early threats and fight the good fight, knocking down shields and generally wreaking havoc. Once the dragons come out, they can clean up the rest and put a flashy end to the game.

Cocco Lupia was chosen over Elf X because it wouldn't be Weird Symbiosis without it, and because it speeds out the only creatures that really need speeding out: Dragons. Sure, having a 2 mana Bronze Arm is nice, but it doesn't help you smash face any quicker. Turn 4 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon? Now that helps you smash face.

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon and Bolgash dragon were easy choices. Bolgash can end the game in a heartbeat, and Bolmeteus stops such nasty things as Holy Awe and Terror Pit, and comes out on turn 4 with luck. Imagine the look on your opponent's face.

Bronze Arm Tribe and Torcon are obvious creatures. Burning Mane is there because it's cheap, it can attack, and it has 2000 power. After Torcon, there isn't exactly a lot of quality in the 2-cost Beastfolk range.

Dimension Gate will help you find whatever dragon it is you want if you haven't already gotten one, or if you didn't get the one you wanted. You can run your 6 dragons in any way you want, but Bolmeteus is more useful and cheaper, so I decided to add more of him than Bolgash. Natural Snare, Comet Missile, and Tornado Flame provide a nice bit of field control.

Due to my limited time frame, I wasn't really able to thoroughly test the deck, so I don't really have any matchup advice other than: beware disruption. It's really nasty when discards hit anything but your giant, useless-on-turn-3 dragons. I've mostly played against other weird decks and nothing tournament quality, but I can tell you one thing: This deck easily destroys Tree Folk decks. Yep, quality testing right there. I think I might just cut the matchup advice altogether. I don't play enough tournament quality decks to provide any thorough insight.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my very weird deck article, and don't be afraid to email me with your love, hate, and GREAT HOME LOANS. [Editor’s note: Send him all the home loan stuff, and stop sending it to me for a while] Thank you for reading, and until next time, may your Comet Missile always strike down those wooden yellow UFOs.

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