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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (11/10/2005)

Sorry for the long absence folks. School has been killing me lately, and I've been catching a series of bad colds that seems to have no end in sight. However, it is a special occasion, as I just realized we have a new set on our hands, with some cool new cards to look at! I decided to make a deck based around Mind Games, or discarding.

You see, in Magic:The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast usually ties the hand to the person's minds: Reclaiming memories, or gaining knowledge, would be drawing cards. Forgetting, having your mind attacked, would be discarding. That's where this deck gets its name.

Mind Games


4 Propeller Mutant
4 Galchak, Mechanical Doll
4 Daidalos, General of Fury
4 Marrow Ooze, The Twister
4 Horrid Worm
4 Locomotiver


3 Snake Attack
3 Ghost Touch
3 Proclamation of Death
3 Cranium Clamp
4 Terror Pit

This deck functions by destroying the opponent's hand, while getting a few shields out of the way as well, and generally limiting the opponent's options as best as it can until it can get a big hit via Daidalos, or better yet, Snake Attack with a few creatures out.

Propeller Mutant and Horrid Worm are the early game creatures that can mess with the hand. They’re rather fragile, but suiciding mutant against other fragile creatures is a pretty good tactic either way. Galchak will help kill off a few creatures that get in the way, and will be a great asset against rush decks with few blockers, as it'll help you keep an onslaught under control. Marrow Ooze is good food for Daidalos and serves as a cheap chump blocker, too.

Your big hitters in the deck are Snake Attack with at least 2 creatures out that can get a hit, or Daidalos. Daidalos has a lot to eat in this deck, from triggered Locomotivers, to Propeller Mutant, Marrow Ooze, and Galchaks that have already turbo-rushed.

For spells, we have our disembodied discard effects, Cranium Clamp and Ghost Touch, one of which is a shield trigger. They will also help keep the opponent's hand in check. Proclamation of Death and Terror Pit will help kill anything that gets in the way or threatens to kill you. Proclamation is in 3s to make room for Snake Attacks, and isn't as necessary when you'll be forcing them to discard turn after turn.

Another fun thing you could do with this deck is eschew Daidalos and the clamps and add in more Proclamation of Death and/or Critical Blades, max out on Snake Attack, and add in Gigaclaws for turbo rush discard action. It wouldn't be as good, but it'd probably be cheaper, and weirder. And you know how I love weird decks.

That's it for this installment. I'm currently tinkering with a Bailas Gale deck that I hope to post here someday. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. But until that faithful day, may your Propeller Mutants always crash into Bronze Arm Tribe.

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