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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (11/22/2005)

Welcome one and all to my latest article. My Balias Gale deck isn't ready yet, but this one is. I decided to attempt to make decks for each of the Super Dragons. There will be 3 decks in this series, each based around one of the super dragons from Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos. First, I shall be looking at Uberdragon Bajula. Why him first? Well, there are few decks I do here that I actually keep whole. Usually, after they're sent, I use the parts for the next deck. One broke this rule, however, since I just couldn't get myself to dismantle it. This deck was my Resource Crisis deck. It was based around destroying cards in the mana zone and used Bolzard Dragon for this purpose, which was very fun. Bolzard wasn't the perfect beater, but he got me out of a pinch several times. Well, a few sets later, I have the tools to make this deck three times as deadly. So here you go, you evil, naughty players:

Resource Catastrophe


4 Cocco Lupia
4 Bronze Arm Tribe
4 Magmadragon Melgars
4 Bolzard Dragon
4 Uberdragon Bajula
4 Quixotic Hero Swinesnout


4 Natural Snare
4 Crisis Boulder
4 Dimension Gate
4 Faerie Life

Unlike my Resource Crisis deck, this is a resource catastrophe. With Bolzard Dragons costing 4 and Uberdragon Bajulas costing 5, your opponent will have a hard time keeping his or her mana intact. This deck solves the problem with my old deck: Bolzard could lock you at a certain number of mana if it could keep attacking and the opponent had no mana tricks, but it couldn't ever do more than that. Bajula, however, can destroy two mana cards every turn. Not that the opponent will last long enough to see all of his/her mana gone: Bajula triple breaks!

Cocco Lupia, Bronze Arm Tribe and Faerie Life all serve to reduce the turns it'd take to get out one of your threats. You should almost always Dimension Gate for Cocco Lupia if you don't have one around: It's the key part of the deck. Afterwards, it's better to gate for Bajula or Melgars. Speaking of Melgars, he's there to be good evo-bait. With lupia out, he costs 2 mana, and for a 4000 power creature, that's not such a bad deal in terms of having him do battle; See how Lupia makes everything in this deck much better?

Quixotic Hero Swinesnout looks weird in this deck, but as a 4000 power 2 mana creature, he can fend off early attackers with much ease: You'll certainly be dropping creatures in most of your turns, that's just how Duel Masters works. Having a creature that gets big because of it is great.

While Bolzard is not an immediately obvious inclusion, I couldn't part with him: Bajula is so much better, but Bolzard's been a loyal servant.

Natural Snare and Crisis Boulder round out the deck with on-color ways to remove threats. In this day and age, Crisis Boulder might not be spot-on deadly, but I felt Volcanic Arrows was too risky and Comet Missile didn't do enough. Natural Snare might seem counterproductive, but the deck's goal is no longer slowing the opponent so it can win: It's smashing face with Bajula, who'll make SURE the opponent doesn't get back up.

Things for this deck to look into would be black and it's Necrodragon Giland, which replaces Melgars as Evo-bait and can, on its own, put some hurt out also. If you keep green, you could use Dracodance Totem for...something. Mono-red with Rikabu Screwdrivers, Pyrofighter Magnus, Slaphappy Soldier Galback or other combative creatures, and Volcanic Arrows, Tornado Flame, Comet Missiles or other destructive spells would make for a much fiercer, faster experience.

Hope you'll join me next week, when we take Super Necro Dragon Abzo Dolba (doesn't that name feel very satisfying?) out for a spin. Until then, may your Magmadragon Melgars grow up to retrieve your shield triggers.

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