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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (12/16/2005)

Finally, winter vacation begins for me. Excuse my long abscence, but now that I'm cold-free, school-free and just generally free, I can continue to send in articles to this wonderful site.

Abzo Dolba Rising!

4: Rikabu Screwdriver
4: Cocco Lupia
4: Necrodragon Giland
4: Bloody Squito
4: Magma Dragon Melgars
4: Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba

4: Spastic Missile
4: Terror Pit
4: Crisis Boulder
4: Dark Reversal

Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba does one thing and one thing only: he smashes really hard. While not as impressive as Bajula, in my opinion, Dolba can bring the hurt to any creature and tear apart players with relative ease. This deck is built around getting him out cheaply and making sure he'll be hitting turn after turn.

Rikabu Screwdriver and Bloody Squito are not the best beatdown squad in the world, but they keep certain creatures at bay. Cocco Lupia is too good to leave out, for reasons stated in my last article: he just makes certain cards so good. [Editor’s note: For a refresher, find his last article here: http://www.cardshark.com/content/view_article.asp?article_id=3877 ]

Necrodragon Giland and Melgars are your evo-bait creatures. Giland, on its own, can be the beatdown creature you need to finish in a pinch. You can't go wrong with his cost after Lupia's done with him, either. Melgars doesn't do anything except be ridiculously cheap.

Spastic Missile, Terror Pit and Crisis Boulder provide solutions to the creatures that ail you, while Dark Reversal fetches Gilands and Squitos that will inevitably die. Missile and Boulder will be your early-mid game solutions to creature problems and will make sure you survive to play creatures that might just get a hit in.

Much like there isn't a lot to say about Abzo Dolba, there isn't a lot to explain about this deck. It's not really complex, much like its centerpiece, but it brings the hurt where it's needed. I hope you'll stay tuned for my interesting look into Bailas Gale next week, where I will, GASP, use 3 Colors instead of 2. So until next time, may your Dark Reversals bring good fortune!

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