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CardShark Content - Dennis N Santana (3/4/2006)

Sorry for the extensively long wait. I apologize deeply for it. Thus, I will from now on have a schedule I can keep with everything else going on: I'll write when I can. So look out for my articles in the future (though probably not the near future).

Anyway, time to fulfill my long-standing promise. This next deck uses Balias Gale.

Shield Whirlwind


4: Emeral
4: Super Terradragon Balias Gale
4: Terradragon Regarion
4: Aqua Surfer
4: Bronze Arm Tribe


4: Natural Snare
4: Faerie Life
4: Spiral Gate
4: Submarine Project/Brain Serum
4: Mana Nexus

The goal of this deck is to build up a lot of mana and cards in order to make the most of the quick-shot shield triggers that will be returning to your hand via Balias Gale. Since Balias Gale does not cost as much as the other superdragons, and because a shield trigger deck must either have variety or consistency, I thought to cut Red out of the picture to include more shield triggers.

Emeral and Mana Nexus rig your shields with triggers, which will hopefully allow you to replay them when Balias Gale is around. Since Mana Nexus itself is a shield trigger spell that will most likely place shield trigger spells into your shield zone, you could potentially stall a turn or two with enough mana and a Balias Gale in the battle zone. Balias Gale can help you generate mana with Faerie Life, remove creatures with Natural Snare and Spiral Gate, and reach into your deck with Submarine Project/Brain Serum. Of these two, you can choose whichever you like best; however these cards were chosen based on both their cost and effects. If it would be a pain to play the turn after it is triggered, I wouldn't include it. Spiral Gate, Faerie Life and Submarine Project can be easily played without Triggering. Natural Snare's too good to pass up, even though it isn't as cost effective.

Terradragon Regarion is a good beater in its own regard, but you'll be wanting to evolve it more than mindlessly bash with it. Aqua Surfer is a godsend when you do trigger it, and is good alongside Emeral and Mana Nexus, as it is more than a bit expensive. Bronze Arm Tribe rounds out the deck by fetching mana and maybe sneaking in a few attacks in the meantime.

Terradragon Regarion costs the same as Balias Gale, meaning you'll most likely get a Balias Gale on turns 6 or 5 (with minor acceleration). But the only other dragon on-color that can be used is Gamiratar, which is risky. Cocco Lupia is a great, great, great card for this deck, but adding it takes some guts. You might have to remove an entire color, because adding in a third one might simply make the deck too slow and messy. If you're playing green-red dragons, you probably have better ways to win than by recurring shield triggers. While black is another option, this only throws in good killing spells to the bargain. Black really has nothing to improve the speed of the deck (like Lupia or Submarine Project/Brain Serum). If you're a fan of disruption, go ahead: Ghost Touch, Proclamation of Death, Terror Pit, Locomotiver are some cards you'll want. As for Light, I would only use it for the 1-2 cost blockers and Holy Awe. While Sundrop Armor is good, I'd rather have Emeral. It costs less, it’s a creature, and it replaces the card in your hand with one of your shields, so you're not immediately losing as many cards in the process. Depending on the cards in your hand, it might also offer as good a defense as an Armor, as well.

That's it for this article, and until next time, may your two Faerie Lifes become four bronze arm tribes.

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