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CardShark Content - Dennis N. Santana (4/18/2005)

I once thought fire was completely lame. It had no blockers, and did nothing special the other civilizations could not do. Sure, it blew up blockers. Wow, like that can’t be done by anyone else. Sure, it destroyed creatures, which black does so much better. And it was really damn fast. That was the one characteristic that did it some good. But now, with a bit of time and experience, I’m seeing that red’s lightning fast strikes might just be useful after all.

Fire Rush

Creatures (24)

4: Mini Titan Gett
4: Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior
2: Baby Zoppe
4: Brawler Zyler
4: Rikabu’s Screwdriver
4: Migasa, Adept of Chaos
2: Armored Blaster Valdios

Spells (16)

4: Tornado Flame
4: Magma Gazer
4: Spastic Missile
4: Crisis Boulder

The object of the deck is, of course, to smash face. It is by no means a perfect list, but I’ve tested and am very happy with my results. Here’s the card by card…

Mini Titan Gett: He’s low cost for pure smashing power. Though having to attack each turn is a bit of a turn off, wont you be doing the same thing anyway if you are using a deck such as this?

Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior: A shield trigger creature can come in handy every once in a while, because by all intents and purposes, it is a speed attacker. With Migasa and Magma Gazer around, he becomes even more helpful.

Baby Zoppe: The little baby gets bigger since this is a Mono-Fire deck. Overall, he’s not all that helpful, but he’s a worthwhile inclusion.

Brawler Zyler: Evo-Fodder, and a good early beatstick. Rikabu’s Screwdriver: Now this little guy is power. Being able to destroy a blocker, no questions asked, seems more like something Darkness would do; I would’ve thought Fire would put a cap on the power required for it to target, but nevertheless, the little guy is a worthwhile inclusion.

Migasa, Adept of Chaos: Got a creature around that’s doing nothing in particular? Migasa will make it into a powerhouse. If you’ve shield triggered Kamikaze, or have a Screwdriver with nothing to blast, put it to work by making it a double breaker and smashing face. The beauty of It all is that for what it does, Migasa is very aggressively costed and has a nice amount of power.

Armored Blaster Valdios: The big daddy of this deck. Brawler Zyler, Mini Titan Gett and Migasa, Adept of Chaos don’t look as puny when they have +1000 power and a 6000 power double breaking buddy on their side, now do they? I have been fighting an internal conflict over whether or not to remove Baby Zoppe for more of him. Though, in the games I played, he wasn’t ever a big factor. Often times, I’d either use him as mana, or draw one late game for an overkill victory. The games never got to the point where I either played Valdios or lost.

Tornado Flame: The poster-child of the big Fire shield trigger, Tornado Flame is easily recognized by anyone who’s watched the cartoon at least once, or played the game since the early days. To this day, I still find it to be very useful for taking out small evos or idle threats, and going off the trigger, or for the obvious first turn mana drop. If you live dangerously, you could use Volcanic Arrows instead. But I don’t recommend it.

Magma Gazer: For a reasonable cost, this card makes one your minis bigger, and gives them Double Break to boot. It is a very nice drop the turn after triggering a Kamikaze, and as the enabler for a final attack.

Spastic Missile: Better than Crimson Hammer, since it gets rid of all those pesky emerald grasses or Sairus, and allows you to have some decent removal in a mirror match against a Valdios powered army or something equally annoying. This ensures 2 drop blockers or 3 drop attackers stay out of your way for a while.

Crisis Boulder: My opponent sacrifices a creature or a mana card? And this costs as much as Rothus without drawbacks? And this is a shield trigger? Count me in. Sure, if a deck generates enough mana, they can simply choose to do away with one rather than lose a creature, but still, it’s a pretty useful card against other decks. Darkness will have an especially ugly time trying to decide between the creatures it went through so many hoops to produce, or the mana that it so desperately needs for all those expensive toys. In the mirror match, your enemy will have a tough time deciding, because both mana and creatures are very important, and not that easy to replace.

I’m very excited about this deck, because the tapping abilities have lent a lot to the aggressiveness of the Fire Civilization. I’m sure it can only get better from here, but that’s a story for another day. Until then, you can tweak this list to suit your playing style, but remember, the heart of red is in the fast attack, so including creatures that cost above 4 might not be such a good idea for a Fire RUSH deck.

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