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CardShark Content - Don Weinstein (2/2/2003)

Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers presents a whole new host of bad guys to bedevil your fellowship. When your opponents try to scamper to the end, they’ll have to defeat a a coordinated attack from Dunlending minions. He’ll be scared what kind of beating you have in store, and he’d be licking his wounds as a result.

At first look, the Dunlending culture does not have the same interactive workings that rival Uruk-Hai do in combo-land. Doesn’t it seem they normally they don’t work well together, those nasty Dunlendings with a permanent bad hair day and those Uruk-Hai, those mean goblin-men who flunked their medieval DNA test? Together, they are a formidable opponent to your hobbits, rangers, and elves to face down and get their face kicked in.

Here’s how they work together.

Play Hillman Mob first to set up your attack, and hold on to Wulf. Hillman Mob’s game text says, “Each time this minion wins a skirmish, you play a Dunlending minion from hand. This minion is fierce and damage +1.” Tack on Hides to your support area. This li’l baby slurps up 2 shadow or you may dump Hides to prevent that expected Legolas archery phase wound. Be sure to leave at least two in the twilight pool.

Now your Hillman Mob is clean as a mud bath, and oh, by the way, with a strength of 12, he’ll almost always win a skirmish. Now, drop Wulf for only two twilight tokens instead of his normal 4. then watch your opponent’s jaw drop, along with other body parts.

Wulf is already fierce, but so what? Wulf will hack and slash his way to a skirmish win with his strength of 10. Guess what, my friend? Exert Wulf, and you get to control a site. Sweet! Now you get to utilize all those cool control cards that beef up your guys, like Uruk Veteran.

Another play option is to run the new Dunlending Saruman instead. This bad, bad man won’t kick butt and take names, however, just like in the movie, he works his evil ways in the background, forcing Free People players to exert a companion for each Dunlending Man you can spot, including himself. That’ll slow down that fleet-footed fellowship, for sure, and you’ll put a dent in their plans to run away with a win.

Once you get your Dunlendings out, they’ll be wondering where the yellow went when you brush their teeth with Dunlend-dent. That’s the yellow that went to their spines, of course!

Don Weinstein
Rider of Rohan

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