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CardShark Content - Doug Tengdin (5/15/2003)

Hi my name is a David and I have been only playing the greatest game ever for about a year. Just recently I relized that Dwarves are not the only way to win so I put together a choke Power deck. Now you say what?!? But it works! I have not tested this in a trynament yet but I have played with my friends several times. I am a harcore Mordor player so I coupled this with a standard Mordor Wound Deck. I built this for Fellowship block but you could tweek it for Open. For instace adding Dead Marshes to my minions would HELP A LOT.

Frodo-Old Bilbo Heir
The One Ring-Isildurs Bane
Aragon-Hier To The White City

Prancing Pony or Green Dragon Inn (Pulls Aragorn or Sam)
Trollshaw Forest (Card Drawing engine)
Council Cortyard (For ovious reasons)
Pass of Caradrass (Above ground low cost who uses its special anywase) The Bridge of Kazadum (Nothing to remark)
Caras Galadhon (You dont swarm in this deck)
Silverlode Banks (If they don't have a ranger...)
Anduin Banks (This deck only plays five companions anyways + nice for minions)
Tol Brander (Three extra Minions is quite helpfull)

2x Arwen-Elven Rider
2x Boromir-Defender of Minas Turith
2x Sam-Son of Hamfast
2x Bill The Pony
2x Frying Pan
2x Athelas
Horn of Boromir
Flaming Brand
Rangers Sword
2x Bilbo
2x Hobbiton Party Guest
2x Bounder
3x No Stranger To The Shadows
A Tallent For Not Being Seen
2x Three Monstrus Trolls
2x Stone Trolls
4x A Promise
Consorting With Wizards
Betral of Isengard

Ulair Enquea
Morgul Shirmisher
2x Orc Inquisitor
4x Orc Hunter
4x Orc Soldier
3x Orc Ambusher
3x Orc Assasin
4x Orc Bowmen
4x Under The Watching Eye
2x Desperate Defense Of The Ring
Shadows Reach
3x All Thought Bent On It
3x Hate (4x would be fine i just dont own 4x Hates...yet)

Okay For Free Peoples it is pretty much obvious. Play whenever you can (by the way Consorting and Horn are the only cards you might have to hold, but it is worth it!) Three Monstrous Trolls and Betrayal are there to stop Moria. Nagul...Flamer answers that one. And Stone Trolls can't set up Frodo and Sam to WIN agains Uruks. Consorting on Bilbo can help you take down the x-light that is added in from Stone Trolls. I would like a Sting so you can add that in as another way to take down x-light. You can usualy bid in the 4-6 range (thanks to Sam) and go first then you have a strong possibility of winning by moving or winning with your shadow.

With the Shadow you know the story you can rock anyone (except that junky little sleep Cahadras... grumglegrumble...) Anyway that is why you go first. Save Enquea! Even from site three beleive me that is what desperate Defense is for and three directed wounds PLUS any Hates!! youch for them! MUAHAHAHAH... ok sorry And the Inquisitors you ask? well vitality and you wouldn't believe how many Secert Sentinals I have discarded with this! lol The All Thought Bent On It sets up you Hates and archery. For instance they have seven companions play two six exerts then and Enquea... hehe you get the point. (I actualy did that once!) so you know the rest I have had a lot of fun with this deck and I hope you do to! Tell me what you think!

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