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CardShark Content - Dunya Ertan (3/10/2003)

Frodo, couteous halfling
Isildurs Bane

Site path

[1] Eastemend Gullies
[2] Wold of Rohan
[3] Golden hall
[4] Ered Nimrais
[5] Hornburg Courtyard
[6] Caves of argonath
[7] Cavern entrance
[8] Wizard valley
[9] Palantir chamber


1 eomer, +2/wound
2 boromir, defender
1 faramir, savageries bane
1 gandalf, fots
1 aragorn rotn
1 greenleaf
1 eowyn, unbound mom
1 Grimli, unbidden guest

2 sec sent
1 tale of gil galad
3 Foul Creation
2 song of durin
3 shoulder
1 course their foul feet
2 horn of boro
1 white arrows
1 oh elbereth
1 Sting

4 elrond
1 rumil
3 galadriel
1 thrarin
1 grimir
1 saelbeth
1 orophin
1 calaglin
1 cele born


1 Goblin Warrior
3 scrabbler
3 runner
4 Moria Scout
3 scavenger
1 Guard Commander
2 enqueaa
3 nertea
4 isengard warrior
2 isengard shaman

4 goblin Armories
4 scimitars
2 they are comming
1 such a little thing
1 relics
1 swarms
1 palantir

So here it is...by popular demand...obviously this deck will be dead in 2 weeks, thanks to the new Grima...still it was fun to play and I promised to post it when enough ppl ask for it ;-)

As you can see its pretty much a basic shoulder deck...the idea is to draw a lot of cards, and assemble a nice shadow hand, as you have no fellowship cards in there that could clog your hand (besides secret sentinels occasionally), you cycle pretty good.
If your shadow should fail you (or you play against some complete anti-deck...like gandalf/rohan would be for this moria half) this deck can run as well...3-5 directed archery (greenleaf and rumil/orophin) + horn are a serious threat to any shadow strategy, plus you have a lot of comps in there that can actually win skirmishes...Gandalf is a 10 pretty much all of the time, if Greenleaf can't kill a certain minion, Eomer can often take out a wounded foe...

card by card breakdown ...

Why Courteous Halfling? well that was a meta choice...some ppl were experimenting with uruk rager/uruk sword, and that gave me a hard time sometimes, when I lost crucial shadow cards from the top of my deck (mainly nertea/enqueaa)...plus I haven't seen twilight nazgul in a long time and didn't expect it in Vienna...frodo of the 'international version' would be son of Drogo...as you can heal him via Greenleaf with the shoulder engine...


Legolas search location vs. Grimli search location...actually if you shouldn't go first and your opp isn't starting any of those you start with lego AND Grimli of course, if you get the chance to go first you should start Eowyn and
Grimli and fetch Legolas obviously. I ran the Grimli search location before that tournament, as you help pretty much EVERY opp if you give him the opportunity to pull his lego site 1, not everybody is playing Grimli, so that site would help only you most of the time...THIS time I decided that I rather have a fully healed Legolas at site 3 then Grimli...just to play it safe...

Golden hall is a given in a deck that runs only one hand weapon (sting)

Ered Nimrais is another site I changed right before the tournament. I used to run the 'exert two comps if you haven't got Theoden'...mainly because I have more heal potential then most other fellow decks...and because uruk archery is the alternate shadow site to this deck ;-)

Caves of Argonath ... its no battleground, and I don't run enough possessions to take advantage of the card draw one...and it gets rid of bill the pony/Asfaloth...

Song of Durin...well that’s obviously anti-moria tech...it went in for one white arrows (used to be 2) and a secret sentinels (used to be 3)...it has the advantage to be free and you get it out of your hand pretty fast...I often had the problem that I drew like 2 sec sen opening hand against moria, but my opp didn't drop any condition til l site 4...thats acctually a good thing...but you can't drop it, and you can't use it...I guess you all know that situation...so Song of Durin was a good choice...

white arrows why only one? well no space...it still IS a silver bullet...it just SCARES your opp...nobody has 4-6 useless cards in his hand!...you often get rid of that darn savageries before your opp can play them, you sometimes get a ranger of the north...and you often get a free move, as your opp might decide that his precious fellowship cards are more important than to bother you with two minions...especially nasty against moria as it prevents that drop one minion, fetch it a scimitar, dies to archery cycling...as it would cost half the assembled swarm from your opps hand...back draw: if you get your opp towards not playing a minion, those sec sens will stay in your hand as well...

goblin warrior/goblin scrabbler that’s anti shoulder tech...it gets rid of shoulder itself and the dwarf allies...pretty annoying!...plus everybody is running Thrarin nowadays...so you will use the warrior pretty much every second game...scrabbler is nice against white arrows/last alliance as well...PLUS I managed a site three kill with two of these little buggers (see my psq report )

the rest is more or less standard...Oliver Schmid pointed out that I could use shammans over forgers...and I liked the idea for various reasons...you can prevent excess wounds from thinks like 8 undirected archery (via gondor bowmen) you can prevent some maneuver event wounds that would give your opp back his archery actions...it costs one less (yes you can exert forger to get it back), but it happened to me twice in playtesting that I drew (via scavenger) into a forger which I couldn't play because there was only 1 pool left...it doesn't happen very often but it was a reason to choose the shamman over the forger...
next week Vegas winner

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