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CardShark Content - Dunya Ertan (3/5/2003)


Frodo reluctant traveler
The ring
Legolos greenleaf
Merry friend to Sam
Pippin just a nuisance

Free people:
Elrond herald to gilled x2
Villa x2
Last alliance of elf and man x2
Foul Creation
Orphan x2
Filbert x2
O elberth!
Bill the pony
Defend it and hope x4
ranger of ithilien x2
Aragorns bow x2
Faramir SOD x2
Aragon ranger of the north
Sword of gondor x3
The Saga of Elendil
Flaming Brand

The palantir of orthanc x3
Sarumans po wer
No Business of Ours x2
Orc overseer
Isegard warrior x4
Isegard worker x4
Isegard servant x2
Grima wormtongue
Isegard forger x4
Uruk foot soldier x4
Tower Assassin
Uruk Spy x3
Uruk captain
Band of the Eye
Ulaire enqea
Elaire nertea x2

1. The riddermark
2. Plains of rohan camp
3. Barrows of edoras
4. Ered nimrais
5. Hornburg paclobert
6. Hornburg Armory
7. Kings room
8. Wizards vale
9. Orhanc library

This is a psq 4th placer deck. It revolves around shadows to set up for the fellowship movement. Power of Palantier is awesome. Especially if you can put it down by site 2 or 3 it’s a game winner. Lets go to the beginning to see how its sets up.

Starting fellowship is Legolas and Merry and rare Pippin. Rare Pippin gets discard to makes an Uruk-hai cancel a skirmish. He is in there for pulling Aragon or die in a mess attack early. Merry in there to give power to Aragorn early or Frodo if needs it to be. Legolas to shoot the minions. Bid 4-6 to go first. This way you can grab Aragorn. The Frodo removes burdens by deploying ring-bounded man. Move double contested to ensure to put pressure on the opponent.
Some cards work like this:
Elrond to heal. He is the main state of the deck besides Faramir. He needs the ring as soon as possible. His ring sends the effects back to their hands, which clouds it more.
The saga and the bow are awesome. Aragorn can go defender +4 on site 9 or in a pinch, Filbert is always safe. Use the defend the hope to hit the tower assassin for a wound first. Don’t forget that fellowship always goes first for maneuvers.
Filbert is the man. If you don’t know what he does better ask a friend.
Faramir is the man. Throw last alliance, armor, sword, and a brand he is a powerhouse. He is a 13 with one wound max if any. No skirmish events or conditions can be played. The tank is set.
Rangers are awesome. They take the wounds for the defend and hope and +2 early for the roaming minion.
All the orcs got a game text. They cancel special archery skills like greenleaf; aragorns bow and double shot with gondor Bowman. Which is great. They wound after a skirmish. They do not roam after the site 3, which is cooler.
Uruk spys have is a great card. They go down for 2 and get cards out of their hand with plantier. That’s great.
Uruk captain pulls one other uruk out. Nothing is wrong with that.
Nertea is great addition to this deck. I can bring enquea for second time or tower assassin or pull other orcs for more swarms.
Orc overseer and band of the eye is in there for one reason. That is they got power. Band of the eye can discard two cards from the hand, which is ok. You can remove him for someone else. Orc overseer exhaust someone most of the time.
Uruk foot soldier? What is that doing in here right? They go down for 1 and they are fierce with special archery canceled they can swarm and be pulled with nertea for extra swarm. They are a great addition to this deck. They always go against Frodo or merry. This way they became fierce and +3 if they win.
Isegard folger is the man. He sets up the plantier and the swarm. Deploying and exert for adding 1.

Only real loss of this deck took against the raven man. I made a major mistake against the deck. It was a mental mistake. The game was mine and I blew it. I should have doubled moved to site 6 but got nervous because I never played against a raven man before. It kills hides like there is no tomorrow. You throw so many wounds and then they can’t keep the hides. I went through all the hides in one shot.

This is awesome deck. It works by putting their hand back top of their reserve deck consistently. This way they can’t set up for the minions and you can swarm with you minions at five or six. The path and other Frodo takes it up the booty later in the game. Pure Uruk-hai of this deck really does not work. It went 5-3 last weeks psq. It had a tough time cycling due to their site 5 roaming. I would not recommend it.

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