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CardShark Content - Enrique Huerta (7/24/2002)

A fellowship and shadow deck that works together to help reduce your
opponent's options (and cards). Definitely a deck for a patient player
that's looking to do something different.

Frodo, Old Bilbo's Heir
The One Ring, Isildur's Bane

Gimli, Son of Gloin
Fror, Gimli's Kinsman
Farin, Dwarven Emissary
Sam, Proper Poet
Thrarin, Dwarven Smith
Gimli's Battle Axe
Gimli's Helm x2
Dwarven Axe x3
Hand Axe x3
Dwarven Bracers x2
Hobbit Sword
Axe Strike x4
Flurry of Blows x2
Hobbit Stealth x3
Discontent of Our People
Nobody Tosses a Dwarf x3
Power According to His Stature
Greatest Kingdom of My People x2

Lurtz x2
Troop of Uruk-hai x3
Uruk Captain x2
Uruk Rager x3
Uruk Figther x3
Uruk Scout x2
Band of the Eye x2
Orc Inquisitor x3
Orc Scout
Savagery to Match Their Numbers x3
Sarumon's Ambition x3
Hate x2
Worry x2
Irresistable Shadow x2

East Road
Midgewater Moors
Frodo's Bedroom
The Bridge of Khazad-dum
Galadriel's Glade
Anduin Wilderland
Shores of Nen Hithoel
Tol Brandir

For Multiplayer Add...
Flurry of Blows
Their Halls of Stone x2
Hobbit Sword
Hobbit Intuition

Troop of Uruk-hai
Saruman's Power x2
Enduring Evil x2

The idea of this deck is to use both the fellowship and shadow halves of the
deck to make the opponent discard their cards from either hand or draw deck.
The Uruk-hai add burdens for a corruption of either 10 burdens or through
Irresistable Shadow.

First off, this deck is made of up only cards I own. (I don't like to borrow
cards!) There are a few cards I'd like to add to the deck (Savagery to Match
Their Numbers, Uruk Guard) but for now, here it is.

Bid 1 token. If you win, make the opponent go first to use your Sites 2, 3,
and 4. (Probably using all of your sites.) If you lose, assume they bid high
to go first. In that case you'll still use your sites.

The fellowship strategy is to keep the twilight pool as low as possible.
Normally you can handle anything as long as you move slowly, and keep it
below 10 twilight tokens. Rare Gimli is a beast. Avoid using your Hobbit
Stealths unless you have to.

Nazgul - Keep the twilight low to keep these expensive baddies off the
table. Gimli should be able to handle one and Farin can handle the other
with a little help and luck. In a pinch use the Hobbit Stealth to avoid
wounds. Watch out for Black Breath and Blade Tip!!!! That combo will kill
this deck.

Moria - Especially difficult to keep the twilight low enough with, but you
have to try. Be prepared for a big battle at Site 5. Don't let them win
skirmishes at all costs! Move slowly to avoid swarms. Generally Moria swarm
is helping you our by discarding cards themselves. Play patiently, and by
site 6 you'll have almost no opposition. If they play ´´big Moria´´ (without
swarms) play it like you play against Nazgul.

Isengard - Keep the twilight low and you'll face 2-3 at the most early on.
Watch out for Saruman's Snows and take it like a man. (= Lurtz might be
nasty, but Gimli likes the way he tastes with eggs and toast. Fror is great
for getting around a Troop of Uruk-hai's gametext.

Sauron - They are expensive, and you're keeping the twilight low. (= Watch
out for the minions that wound during a skirmish. Orc Bowmen and Hate will
not be appreciated.

Save Boromir and Sam until you're ready to move to Site 6. The new Sam is
great for this deck. Exert him twice to take 2 minions and Discontent of Our
People will let a Dwarf handle 2 or 3. If your strategy is working, your
fellowship is moving along fine, making your opponent discard as often as

The shadow half of the deck is designed to make the opponent discard some
and add burdens. Get Worry out as soon as possible. Save Hate for an
unsuspecting Legolas or Aragorn. Don't worry if you're unable to play a lot
of minions early on, just get those conditions out and do your damage.
You'll be surprise how quickly the damage +1 and burdens start to hurt your
opponent. Consider Uruk Ragers, Uruk-hai Swords and Bred for Battle is you
think it'll help.

And finally, this deck is designed primarially for one-on-one play. However
I have come to learn that it is also an excellent deck for multiplayer.
Those extra shadow phases really hurt your opponent's decks. Also, after you
get Greatest Kingdom of My People out, and you hit a Goblin Runner with a
Dwarven Axe and add 2 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf, you'll find your opponents
prefer to play their minions against the other players, rather than you. (=
It is also designed to not be rare intensive. Many of the rares in this deck
can be replaced with commons and uncommons. The only rares I think are
necessary are Gimli x1, Nobody Tosses a Dwarf x3, The One Ring x1, and
Irrisistable Shadow x2. Everything else can be replaced.

Look at the following non-rare cards to fill in if needed:
Orc Hunter
Orc Soldier
Tower Lieutentant
Uruk Rager
Urak-hai Raiding Party
Urak-hai Sword

I hope you all enjoy the deck. (=

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