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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (1/5/2003)

I have been hearing a lot of bad things about unbound companions lately because of the Grima- bomb. This nasty little minion can wipe out even the best fellowships. But there is a way to fight this little almost hobbit/nazgul like enemy, the answer? Ring-bound rangers. Now some people will tell you there is a way to beat these valiant men of Gondor, but there isn’t. Sure they can whip out a bunch of that damage +1 Uruk? But then you can get rid of the REAL EASY with all you defend it and hope. So now that I have blabbed on about a bunch of stuff let’s get down to the deck.

Fellowship side
You start out with Faramir captain of Gondor and a Ranger of Ithilien so that while your enemy’s minions are your roaming you wipe them right of the table. As the game progress you will hopefully get out Aragorn king in exile, to heal Boromir and Faramir. Now you’re saying “yeah but Jacob sure we heal the bro.’s but what about all the non unique rangers?” That’s when the wonderful Elrond comes in to play with his healing abilities. You can make sure that your fellowship is always in ship shape. Now you’ve made your way though sight five and six and now you’re in the crunch part of the game, do I move again? And the answer is…. If your opponent is in front then you have your pathfinders to help you there and your rangers on sight seven are defender +1 with ruins of Osgiliath so you can make sure that your fellowship won't get a huge pile of minions on Frodo. And lastly with all those possessions on your men there's no way you opponent can overwhelm anyone.

Shadow side
Ok your opponent has some really buff companions on his side of the table, so how are we going to take them out? Uruk-hai. You really get your army moving at about site five, because your minions are not roaming and by then you have out either down to the last child or attack on helm’s deep. So your taking over sites like crazy. And by doing that your making you Uruks even bigger then they were before which is REALLY scary. Also you can get out Saruman by playing Deeping wall and then you get to assign your big bad Uruk Assault band to who ever you want. Your assault band is now a 20 strength 3 health damage +1 and he may not take wounds minion, now I don’t know about you but there are not a lot of people that can beat that. And if you do beat it I don’t really care because he’s fierce and he didn’t take any wounds last skirmish so your damage +4 Gimli will do squat when having to fight this big monster. And last of all when your opponent has some how managed to survive all this and is at sight nine it is really nice to have six sight under your control so that you Uruk-hai hordes come out for free. With a last little touch of the G-bomb your enemy’s won’t stand a chance.

Frodo, tired traveller
The one ring, Isildur’s bane
East wall of rohan
Uruk camp
Edoras streets
White rocks
Deeping wall
Hornburg armory
Hornburg causeway
Wizards vale
Orthac balcony

Fellowship (36)
Faramir, captain of Gondor (start)
Ranger of ithilien x 2 (one for start (start)
Gondorian ranger x 2
Boromir, lord of Gondor
Mablung, solider of Gondor
Aragorn, king in Exile
Elrond, herald to Gil-galad
Great shield
Ranger’s bow x 2
Sword of Gondor x 2
Boromir’s Gauntlets
Rangers sword, blade of Aragorn
Faramir’s cloak
Coat of mail
Swordarm of the white tower x 3
Sentinels of numenor x 2
Defend it and hope x 2
Hard choice
Elendil’s valor
Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom
Pathfinder x 2

Shadow side (36)

Uruk-hai horde x 3
Uruk assault band x 3
Grima wormtogue x 2
Saruman, servant of the eye
Uruk rear guard
Uruk-hai band x 2
Uruk rager
Uruk regular
Uruk slayer
Advance Uruk patrol
Uruk soldier
Their arrows enrage
Uruk-hai armory
Saruman’s ambition
Ranks without number
Down to the last child
Attack on helm’s deep
Uruk-hai rampage
Broad-bladed sword x 2
Uruk-hai sword x 2
Bred for battle x 2

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