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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (1/19/2003)

Greetings to all you hobbit lovers and haters.
Today we will be discussing the most annoying race of all middle earth, the race that even I some times will be frustrated with. This is the race of Hobbits, those dear little people…those people who I just love to hate…what am I saying? Let’s get down to business, in this lesson we will be looking at hobbits and how to get rid of them. Also we will be talking about the individual nasty things these little unbound and ring-bound halflings can do.
Pippin, wooly-footed rascal/ Merry, learned guide,
These two Hobbits are very annoying if you have just five cards that use unbound hobbits then they can wreak havoc. Because with the proper back up you can discard wooly and guide, then with the burden added from Pippin and the wound from Merry some will say they can hurt more then help. But at the next sanctuary you play a Sorry about every thing, you remove a burden with that, then shire countryside heals the ring bearer also to get rid of all those things that Pippin and Merry did to Frodo.
The way to defeat these little Hobbits? Trackers
Some people say that Uruk-hai Trackers are the answer, but I say that Saurons trackers and Uruks combined are the key. Some of those Sauron trackers that say ´´spot to hobbits to assign one to this minion´´. Then while there fighting your opponent does not notice that you have an Uruk-hai Tracker that says ´´unbound hobbits may not be discarded´´ and he’s stuck with his assignment and you get to kill off one of his little annoying Halfling.
Sam, Samwise the brave/ Frodo, tired traveller
Sam and Frodo are some nasty wicked hobbits. First lets talk about Sam (yes my precious the stupid fat hobbit) this brave little hobbit unfortunately does not out-right get rid of burdens. However, he does stop people like me who like playing Sauron/ Nazgul. Since his text only works while Frodo is alive I guess we will just have to get rid of Frodo. Now Frodo (the nice master he’s my friend…. You don’t have any friends…. Not listening, not listening) is a very versatile card if Sam is out or anywhere near out. Play a ring-bound companion i.e.: Sam, to remove a burden. So you get rid of a burden and nazgul won’t affect you so much, now here is a card combo I can live with.
The idea of the nasty idea of shadow depriving decks with hobbit/ Aragorn players is not very nice to us big bad Uruk assault lovers. There is a nice card of my old home. ´´The tower of Orthanc while you can spot an exhausted companion add 3x´´ now although this may be hard to exhaust some of the 14 strength Aragorn players then you exhaust Merry and Pippin which is not very hard to do with your trackers. Once they’re exhausted, then you start adding a lot of shadow to get out your nasty vanguard or assault, which will in turn kill off Sam and Frodo, no matter how many burdens they remove.
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