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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (2/2/2003)

The day the two towers was released I went instantly to Decipher to look to see if there were any good archery cards. And I am quite happy about the new archery from the Two Towers. Today we will be talking about the shadow side of archery, and how to kill big fellowships. Today we will be talking about the Uruk side of archery.

Lets talk about those big, bad Uruk-hai that aren’t so big and bad. I am talking about the rejects of the Uruk society, the guys who don’t have strength, but have crossbows. Now there is a new type of archery out there, directed archery at the unbound companions. This is a very nice skill seeing even ring-bound decks have an Aragorn or Gandalf, so you can exert to make sure that those two big guys get killed early in the game. Now when you read this little paper remember that there is that nasty site five, the first Uruk-hai played is –3 shadow. Which means you can get out your ranged commander for 1 shadow and then every one else is –1 shadow.

Uruk Crossbowman
Three shadow, directed archery, two vitality, not a bad deal
Uruk Crossbow Troop
Four shadow for an eight-strength archer and you can place a token on your machine. ´´Such as weapons of Isenguard´´ and then you can ad those two archery from that in one minion in one turn. Which is nice if you only have two or three guys out and aren’t shooting a lot at them this turn

*Ranged Commander
Four shadow so that every one else is –1? I like it, and not only that but directed archery! And for all of you who are saying, ´´wait a minute what happens if they are playing ring-bound and ONLY RING-BOUND companions.´´ Well then all these Uruk-hai that have two vitality can also use the card ´´cloud of arrows´´ which lets you pump out another archery and makes them so they pump out one less archery.

*Orthanc Assassin
By now you’re reading these guys stats and saying ´´these Uruk archers are wimpy´´ but here comes lurtz and his little buddy assassin. Five shadow, archer, damage+1, ten strength, three vitality, he is the mini-me of lurtz.

Band of Uruk Bowmen
Five shadow, damage +1 archer that while you control a site +1 archery, plus this guy has three vitality? (This means two more archery from cloud of arrows) and it’s non-unique? This is a very good day.

Seven shadow for a d+1 archer that is fierce if you got another Uruk out? Another Uruk like a band of crossbowmen? I am startin to like this.

*Elite crossbowmen
Nine strength, d+1 archery that has three vitality so he can pump out two archery by himself, this guy is power.
I hope that this little article will help all you who like pumping people with arrows.
And if it did help then I hope the people you play will curse and whine about Uruk-hai archery.

Jacob Tamon
Write me your suggestions at

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