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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (3/6/2003)

Archery part 2

Ok last time we talked about the Uruk side of archery, and today we will be talking about the fellowship side of archery. We will mainly be discussing elvish archers in the two towers, but sinse I am such a nice guy (no he isn’t my precious, he’s the stupid hobbit) we will also be talking about Aragorn’s archery and Mr. Greenleaf’s archery.
In the first few sets, elvish archery was basically Legolas and Legolas alone. (Unless you were a freak like me and put in a Lorien elf) so archery was not that big a deal for the fellowship side, because if you did put in a bunch of Lorien elves and used a lot of elf bows they still would get creamed. And so now we have a few elves that are ready and waiting for the task to shoot down those big Uruk-hai. A last we can build a deck for the soul purpose alone…to poach, and not only are these elves great for archery but there also great for fighting! (And now we are going to get into all that strategy so if you have a weak stomach then please stop reading)
If you have two or three Lorien swordsman with elf bows on them with the extra archery from Mr. Greenleaf then your doing at least four archery a turn. And that’s not where it ends either, there are a bunch of cards that say, ´´to play spot three elves´´ and if you are following the strategy above then you know that you have three elves out already.
My personal favorite of all these spot elf to play cards is blades drawn. What this card does is this ´´to play spot three elves, make a minion –2 strength for each wound on that minion discard this in the regroup phase´´. So you have four archery going at the shadow player some one is going to take a wound and then you can have that big regiment of Haradrim fight your Lorien swordsman and he might even win! Now this is not a rare so you can’t be saying ´´oh but Jacob no one will trade for it´´ but get this…it’s only an uncommon. Which means you could have four in your deck and you won’t have to trade a cave troll for it!
Now I know for all you people that hate elves and say that in a shadow constraint deck you can’t have four elves. And alas this is true if only there was a talent for not being seen for the elves. But we have to live with what we are given and so if you like giving your opponent on site nine five shadow to play with then we have to use Mr. Greenleaf and Aragorn. (Ohh bummer) now with the proper back up you can deal out four archery where you want it from Aragorn and three archery where you want it from Legolas. By simply using a tale of Gil-galad on Legolas and a saga on Aragorn. Now you’re saying ´´but Jacob we have to exhaust Legolas and Aragorn to do this and why would we ever do that?´´ And the simple answer is…I have only had to do this once. But it was very nice because I was either fighting a 22 strength cave troll (that was damage +2) or I could have my Legolas and Aragorn shoot him down. Now I don’t know about you but I want my Aragorn and Legolas to be ALIVE!
So in closing today I would just like to say that if in your area you are having a hard time dealing with too many minions with one vitality then just use archery, it will usually get rid of a few.
If you have a question or a strategy that you think is cool then write me at
Jacob Tamon

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