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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (3/25/2003)

Ok so I know that there are lots of new idea floating around for BOHD but I am just going to focus on one today. The great forces of Mordor. Also the fighting elves of Lorien

Saurons abilities to add burdens are what make him so great. And this is the shadow side of the deck. The strategy for the shadow is simply this, if they have a big fellowship then you hope to add burdens with thin and stretched. If the have a tank deck then you put a desperate defense on the tank and no more tank. And the whole Gollum thing is just adding burdens and making Gollum huge! Its pretty scary to have a 12 strength Gollum coming at you. So just try to add lots of burdens and then exert to kill his companions. Plus with three Enquea’s your bound to draw one, so that should take care of a few companions

Shoot shoot shoot. That is what this deck does. If you opponent is playing with weapons then Taurnil can take care of that. Either they play more minions or they play weapons. This deck usually pumps out 5 archery a turn. (With out the archery events) but on top of that you have blades drawn and that makes your enemies big cave troll taken down by a Lorien swordsman.

Fellowship side (45)

Start: Frodo, courteous halfing
Gimli, skilled defender
Lorien swordsman

Arwen, DOE
Taurnil, sharp-eyed bowman
Legolas, Greenleaf
Lorien swordsman x 2

Dwarven bracers
Axe of Erebor
Hand axe
Elven bow x 4
Long knives of Legolas
Bow of the Galadhrim

Blades drawn x 2
Splendor of their banners
Final count
Tale of Gil-Galad
My axe is notched
Courtesy of my hall
Endurance of dwarves x 3

Double shot x 3
Alliance reforged x 2
Break the charge x 2
Search far and wide x 3
Defending the keep x 3
Rumil, EP
Galadriel, LOL
Orophin, LB
Elrond, LOR
Celeborn, LOL

Shadow side (45)

Grishnakh x 2
Morgul Warden x 2
Gollum, stinker x 3
Orc Trooper x 2
Orc war band x 2
Tower assassin x 2
Gate veteran x 2
Orc solider x 2
Orc hunters x 2
Ulaire Enquea x 2 LOM
Orc patrol x 2

Hate x 2
Look at him x 2
We must have it x 2
Eye of Barad-dur x 2

Evil-smelling fens x 2
Teeth of Mordor
I’d make you squeak x 2
The number must be few x 2
Thin and stretched x 2
Desperate defense of the ring x 2
Orc bowman x 2

So I hope this little deck will make you think and hopefully you might even play with this deck. I think that this deck can be tweaked to any one liking. (Unless you really hate elves)

So good luck!

Jacob Tamon

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