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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (4/7/2003)

“they stoless it… we hatess them…we ought to wring there filthy little necks…but the fat hobbit…his eyes are always watching…then we pokesss them out and make HIM CRAWL yes yes my precious.”

(Yes it me my precious) Now besides the fact that Sméagol is my favorite character of Tolkien, he also brings a new type of strategy to the game table. And so today we will be talking about those new strategies that this wonderful little creature brings. And in order to do that we will revue some hobbit cards and some Sméagol cards.

(1) Event
Be back soon
Maneuver: discard Sméagol to discard a minion. An opponent may exert a minion twice to prevent this.

Now if you think about it discarding a minion can be great…but it also can back fire… and this card totally shows how Sméagol is corrupted by his precious. He wants to help the hobbits but if an enemy gets to near he might leave. To me this is a classic example of how short people that are not strong are usually going to run away (in Tolkien’s world) and so in the end your opponent gets a cave troll in the discard pile or you have to exert him twice to keep him out (in which case Aragorn can shoot him down)

(1) Condition
Evil-smelling fens
Plays to your support area.
Each site on the adventure path is a marsh
Shadow: exert Gollum twice and discard this condition to play a minion from your discard pile.

This card brings a new strategy for any shadow player. If you put 3 of these in and 3 Gollum’s then you have basically 3 Uruk captains only this is any minion. So you exert Gollum twice (a pretty small fee to get out one of your power minions) and POOF magically appears that fourth witch king that your opponent thought he was rid of!
Plus it brings back the watcher in the water deck.

Follow Smeagol
Plays on Sméagol
Regroup: exert Sméagol (or Gollum) to play the fellowships next site. (Replacing opponents site if necessary)
Now this brings back the whole site control and knowing where you’re going thing. If you want to move again then you just exert Sméagol (or your enemy’s Gollum) and play your site next. Which means if you’re playing an Uruk-hai player, and you’re moving from site four to site five. Then you can play your site (that essential site five that you can’t play with out. Plus it means your opponent can’t play “deep of helm”.

(2) *Gollum, Stinker
STR: 5
HP: 4
Site: 3
Gollum is strength +1 for each burden.
Each time Gollum wins a skirmish, you may add a burden.

…..dang….you want a minion? You got one…. This little stinker opens up thousands of doors. Nazgul, Mordor, Easterling, any sort of burden deck…. This guy can be used in ANYTHING! Heck I can use him in my Archery deck for rapid fire. I can use him in my thin and stretched deck. I mean I can even use him in my Moria deck. This guy is just so versatile, that I have a warning to all you people who are complaining about the new Grima…if you don’t like Grima…your gonna hate hate HATE Gollum.

(0) look at him
Shadow: spot Sméagol or Gollum to add (1) for each burden

Now this is also going to be a widely used card. For the simple reason… it adds shadow during the shadow phase! I have nothing against Southrons or Easterlings but adding shadow in the maneuver phase?…I have never really liked it. (I just opened my self to a bombardment of Southron’s lovers). I know there are reasons for having shadow in the skirmish phase but I think that I would rather take a few extra minions then a (4) cost event. So obviously this card adds shadow and then you use it. Add some burdens with Gollum and add some shadow with “look at him”

Last card (for now)

(0)Sméagol, Slinker
STR: 3
HP: 4
Signet: Frodo
Ring-bound. To play add a burden
Skirmish: add a burden to make Sméagol strength +2 and take no wounds.

Now if you think for 2 seconds………..you will (hopefully) draw the conclusion that this little guy won’t die as long as you have burdens. This is true. (He aint gonna be taken a cave troll on but you never know?) He can fight some DM+4 Uruk that is gonna kill any one else. And I hope (don’t quote me on this) that decipher is going to add a few cards that buff him up a little. So can you imagine this? A 7 STR Sméagol that can’t take wounds? That would be awesome. (In fact right now you can get him up to a 9 STR with 4 poor wretches on him.)

So here is the first revue on the world famous Sméagol. I hope that when you read this article that it would spark your brain to use Gollum and Sméagol in the near future.


p.s. if it seems that I use the cave troll a lot in my articles please forgive me. He’s big, he ugly, and he’s DM+ 2.
Write me your suggestions and ideas at knighttoman@yahoo.com
Jacob Tamon (otherwise known as Sméagol)

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