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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (4/21/2003)

When the battle of helms deep came out so did a lot of new ideas, minions, strategies and machines. And so I wanted to focus a whole article on just these two things.

1. Machines

2. Bloodlust


There are obviously a few of these machines that seem dumb but I will show you just the opposite. So we will go though the Weaponry of Isenguard.

Battering Ram


Ok this basically makes an uruk-hai DM+1. Which can be really nasty when you use a vanguard or something big like that.

*Devilry of Orthanic


Maneuver: spot 8 (isen) tokens here to exert every character.

This is what is known as the king of machines. For some really good reasons. EXERT EVERY CHARACTER this should mean something to you. All your allies, BAM take an exert. All you companions? BAM take an exert. So if your opponent is at site 9 with all those bounders that make it so his Frodo won’t die? Well problem solved! No more bounders. So this can really do some damage.

Scaling Ladder

Skirmish: spot an (isen) token here to heal an uruk-hai.

Keep this one in mind…..when we get to Bloodlust I will tell you why it’s important.

Siege Engine

Shadow: play an Uruk-hai to place a token on a machine.

Response: if one or more of your machines are about to be discarded by an opponent discard this condition to prevent that.

Ok so you say “Jacob these cards are great but if my opponent discards them I’m in deep trouble” well just stop that with this! (Did that make sense?) Save your machines by using siege engine.


Ok so we have these big bad machines but do we have the minions to back them up? Yes we do. These new minion have what’s known to us Tolkien fans as Bloodlust. But to decipher it’s known as berserker. (not that I have nothing against berserkers)

*Berserk savage (6)

DM+1 berserk savage is STR +1 for each wound on a character in its skirmish.

Skirmish: remove 4 (isen) tokens from a machine and exert berserk savage twice to make it STR + 8.

STR: 12

VIT: 3

Site: 5

Now this is a big minion. Lets think about this………..(you should be thinking!)………..ok……..carry the 8……ok if you add it up this guy is now a 22 STR minion. “Jacob how’d you get that? I only have 20” well this guy is STR +1 for EACH WOUND ON A CHARACTER IN ITS SKIRMISH that mean that not only do you get the +1 for the wound on Aragorn but also the wound on your guy. The more beat up he gets the bigger he gets. Plus remember the healing during the skirmish phase? Scaling ladder? Well you can heal to do it again. MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA…..sorry.

*Berserk Slayer (7)

DM+1 berserk slayer is STR +2 for each wound on a character in its skirmish.

Skirmish: remove 5 (isen) tokens from a machine and exert berserk slayer twice to wound every companion.

STR: 12

VIT: 3

Site: 5

………..whoaaaa…………you want big bad uruk-hai? You got um. Ok let’s dissect this minion one thing at a time. First DM+1 always good. Second +2 STR for each wound on a character in its skirmish, Whoaaaa so when you do exert him twice he’s now a 16 STR minion? And you get the wound on Gimli? So an STR 18 Uruk? (Insert loud rejoicing here) and now third remove 5 tokens from a machine and exert him twice to do WHAT? HOLY (insert word here) ok ok I’ll calm down but still with all my bad jokes this guy is still BIG. I was just thinking what happens when I put him in my uruk archery deck….. by site 6 you have at least two exhausted companions sooooo this mean death to two companions? Wait…..remember scaling ladder? Heal an Uruk? Well if you have two of these you get to heal this big bad Uruk and then if you have enough tokens DO IT AGAIN WOUND EVERY ONE AGAIN. Isn’t that scary? Two wounds on every one? HOLY (insert word here)

so obviously these machines and big bad Uruk-hai are really big so I hope this will have tickled your brain to start thinking. Thanks for your time!

Jacob tamon (otherwise known as Sméagol)

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