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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (5/6/2003)

Gandalf, card drawer, fighter, helper, healer, direct wound giver, possession and artifact discarded,

Ok so what’s the point of all this? Well Gandalf can do anything you want him to do. Do you have a Lego and Gimli that’s built for fighting? Bit it’s an 80 card deck? And you’re not cycling? Well enter Gandalf (grey pilg) “with risk a little light”, “and questions that need answer”.

Do you have a deck that just doesn’t win skirmishes? And your companions are dying at site 4? Well enter Gandalf (FOTSHIRE) and a few “servant of the secret fire” and then? Poof, start wining.

Dealing with to much hate? And too much archery? Then enter Gandalf (Greyhame) with merry and pip, and some “have patience”.

And lastly, need some direct wounding? Then enter Gandalf (white wizard) with some “fury of the white rider” and some “behold the white rider!”

So what does this all mean? Well as we will see in the next few articles what does Gandalf do? So please get thinking about Gandalf!

But today we will talk about his overall abilities, IE his companions form.

Gandalf, the grey wizard
Exert to play a companion with the Gandalf signet for (-2)

Well…..this works for an all Gandalf deck, but I’m sorry to say that I have never used Gandalf in this form. Maybe I should try it now that I have some good Gandalf stuff. But the basic idea here was to be able to play a big fellowship with lots of fighting but still have a little less shadow.
Gandalf, Friend of the shire folk
+1 strength for each of these races you can spot in the fellowship elf, dwarf, man, and hobbit

Yeah, he’s the power house, with Shadowfax or Glamdring and a wizard staff he’s a 13 STR! So he can get big.

Gandalf, the grey pilgrim
At the start of each of your turns you may draw a card.

So he’s in there to draw cards.

Gandalf, Greyhame
If the twilight pool has fewer then (2) you may add (2) to play a companion from your discard pile.

He’s cool. With all those new little unbound Hobbits and discarding them. If you only have one copy of pippin, just a nuisance and you already used him but your opponent is playing Uruks then you need to get him back so this is what you would use.

Gandalf, the white wizard
While you can spot (3) Gandalf is strength +3

So he’s a little different then friend of the shire, but his basic purpose aint, he’s in there to be big bad mean green wizard fighting machine.

So there’s Gandalf, and what he does. I hope you liked my little well commentary on Gandalf, I hope I haven’t offended any Gandalf lovers. (Hey I like him too!)

Write me your suggestions and ideas at knighttoman@yahoo.com

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